On We Are Watching Vin Diesel's Acting Debut

his rap includes a corona-reference! :D

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On Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

I was only able to fight against IS to demand a raise after finding out that my much less competent (male) colleagues were earning double my pay simply because they had the audacity to ask for it.

This was great and Jazmine you are doing a fantastic job! And now I'll be off to make a playlist with "Independent Women pt.1", "Can't tell me Nothing" and "Grown Woman".

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On "Your Favorite Rapper Probably Sucks": Interview with Angel Haze

@Whatwhat? Requests welcome? I would like to nominate THEESatisfaction for the next long chat with Women Who Rap!

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On "Your Favorite Rapper Probably Sucks": Interview with Angel Haze

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose LeCreusexuals? does sound kinda sexy

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On "Your Favorite Rapper Probably Sucks": Interview with Angel Haze

Emma: more interviews with female rappers/female musicians in general! this is great! Also, the pickle juice quote: instant classic

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On Friday Open Thread

@iceberg ooooh I missed the open thread last week(boyfriend visiting, been...busy ;)) and just remembered that I had asked a question - and the bergies came through! Any decisions are postponed until mr. whatwhat finishes his degree in the fall, I will keep you updated and keep this piece of bergy wisdom in mind :)

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On The Best Time I Accidentally Attended a Teenage Orgy

killing it with the hover text!

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On Friday Open Thread

@iceberg Flavor juice ist clearly the superior juice. I need some Bergy Knowledge please!

"dear Bergy Bits,
although I generally enjoy my job and find my tasks interesting and feel like I keep learning and developing a lot every day, I have so many issues at work that are stressing me out (such as my 16-hour day today), and also I'm in a long distance relationship and would like to live in the same country as my boyfriend and am considering moving, but this might mean I would have to settle with any job there at first, which doesnt seem too bad especially considering my stress-level at work at the moment, but I always do this I always run away from my problems and start over and I dont want this to be my coping mechanism for everything, you know? "

Just, you know, in toddler-language.

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On Ciara feat. Nicki Minaj, "I'm Out" (Redux)

yes yes yes to these posts! ALL the Ciara love, the Kelly Rowland love, Yeezus-review/breakdown and random features by Jay Smooth(!) and Jean Grae (!!) = the 'pin is all I need on the internets

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