On "Your Favorite Rapper Probably Sucks": Interview with Angel Haze

@Whatwhat? Requests welcome? I would like to nominate THEESatisfaction for the next long chat with Women Who Rap!

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On "Your Favorite Rapper Probably Sucks": Interview with Angel Haze

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose LeCreusexuals? does sound kinda sexy

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On "Your Favorite Rapper Probably Sucks": Interview with Angel Haze

Emma: more interviews with female rappers/female musicians in general! this is great! Also, the pickle juice quote: instant classic

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On Friday Open Thread

@iceberg ooooh I missed the open thread last week(boyfriend visiting, been...busy ;)) and just remembered that I had asked a question - and the bergies came through! Any decisions are postponed until mr. whatwhat finishes his degree in the fall, I will keep you updated and keep this piece of bergy wisdom in mind :)

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On The Best Time I Accidentally Attended a Teenage Orgy

killing it with the hover text!

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On Friday Open Thread

@iceberg Flavor juice ist clearly the superior juice. I need some Bergy Knowledge please!

"dear Bergy Bits,
although I generally enjoy my job and find my tasks interesting and feel like I keep learning and developing a lot every day, I have so many issues at work that are stressing me out (such as my 16-hour day today), and also I'm in a long distance relationship and would like to live in the same country as my boyfriend and am considering moving, but this might mean I would have to settle with any job there at first, which doesnt seem too bad especially considering my stress-level at work at the moment, but I always do this I always run away from my problems and start over and I dont want this to be my coping mechanism for everything, you know? "

Just, you know, in toddler-language.

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On Ciara feat. Nicki Minaj, "I'm Out" (Redux)

yes yes yes to these posts! ALL the Ciara love, the Kelly Rowland love, Yeezus-review/breakdown and random features by Jay Smooth(!) and Jean Grae (!!) = the 'pin is all I need on the internets

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