On Every Line in Biggie's "Juicy," Illustrated

BRILLIANT. And bringing back some good memories, too.

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On Solution: Deal With It

@Emby I think what you're feeling is totally normal - if it were one of your friends getting more responses, you'd be happy for them and a little sad for you. It doesn't sound like you're being a big pouty baby about it or making her feel bad for getting more responses/interviews. Job searching is just hard. Hope something good comes up for you (and your gf) soon!

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

So, any other nerds here who spent their summers doing Junior Great Books at the library? No? Yeah, me neither...

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On Eau de Mosquito

@Scandyhoovian my husband stands next to me if it's buggy because they bypass him entirely and go straight for me. I must smell like a mosquito's favorite bakery. :|

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On "A Harlot Disguised as a Reporter"

Whoever wrote that hate letter is a true poet. I can't decide if I want to use Real, Real Men or Prostitutional Ass as my new band name.

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On Hypothetical Lady Serial Killers for the Modern Age

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On Hypothetical Lady Serial Killers for the Modern Age

MYOB Monster - Targets people who ask women intrusive questions about their marital and/or reproductive statuses. Uses entire rolls of duct tape over victims' mouths.

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On An Old Hollywood Chat with Emma Straub and Laura Moriarty

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On Project Popsicle

@Jinxie this is not a Popsicle but when I was living in Chicago with no AC (no one realizes how damn hot and humid it can get in Chicago!) I used to make a big old Tupperware container of vodka lemonade and stick it in the freezer. My friends and I would scoop it into cups and eat it with spoons. So refreshing!!

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On Happy Birthday, Anne Frank

@iceberg This feeling is exactly why I don't ever want to go to places like the concentration camps (or Alcatraz for that matter). And why I don't understand why tourists come to NY to see Ground Zero. I get that people want to see history/try to understand the impossible/pay respects -- but that feeling. I can't bear that feeling. It's like feeling the panic of claustrophobia but you're out in the open. (shudder)

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