On A Comet Textbook From 300 B.C.

Jia! Did you watch Cosmos this past Sunday? Soooo good. Can we talk about Cosmos? (the awesome science show starring my crush Neil DeGrasse Tyson, not the cocktails).

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On Dogs I Saw This Week, Rated

@Lucienne I always like the idea of a dog…but man, they require work. And a level of responsibility I just can't find. I've killed at least 6 plants in 12 months through neglect - pretty sure I am not capable of caring for a dog.

Instead, I encouraged my sister to get 2 dogs, and I get to play with them and spoil them when I visit. Which is also how my sister ended up with 2 children.

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On What My Mom Wishes I Was Blogging About

@or Elsa! We may be sisters. Both of my parents will call me separately (despite living together) and will both tell
me the fascinating tale of how my niece's volleyball team *almost* won a game, gossip about a neighbor we had when I was a baby, and what they had for dinner the past 3 nights . Then I will get a text the next day that says "Boarding our flight now - forgot to tell you we're going to Australia for two weeks!" (This is a true story).

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On “This book is a warning of how bad things can get for a single man looking for beautiful, feminine, sexy women"

@City_Dater @RebeccaKW That just makes me sad. I want to start a movement of women who go and find these poor women, take them out for an awesome girls' night, and boost them up a little. Maybe help them reject some PUA weirdo, then sing "I Will Survive."

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On “This book is a warning of how bad things can get for a single man looking for beautiful, feminine, sexy women"

OK, I am old, have been dating/married to the same guy for over 10 years, and I missed the whole PUA thing when I was single. (Thank god). But I am fascinated by "negging." Most examples of it I've read seem so OBVIOUS, and if not obvious, so blatantly insulting that I can't imagine it working. Have any of you been negged? Did it work? Did it seem obvious at the time? Also, why insult people who are wearing the pants into which you want to get? I really just don't believe that this is actually a thing that exists. And works.

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On Goodbye For Now, Giant Panda Cam

@stuffisthings OK, new and improved idea...for every day of the shutdown, each congressperson's re-election campaign and any and all PACs associated with that congressperson MUST kick in $1000 to a fund for the innocent people who are currently without a paycheck.

OR - for every day of the shutdown, they lose a full month of fundraising time for their PACs and campaigns.

Or both.

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On Goodbye For Now, Giant Panda Cam

@SmartCookie @bowtiesarecool Seriously - everyone should get paid EXCEPT the members of congress themselves. That ought to show them. Meanwhile, ACA is in effect, I'm starting to see FB and twitter updates from people who are signed/signing up already, so I'm not really sure what this temper tantrum has accomplished other than screwing innocent people out of their pay.

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On Goodbye For Now, Giant Panda Cam

I really wish we could make Congress keep working 12-15 hour days with no pay (and no cafeteria, administrative, or maintenance staff on hand), then put whatever they would have been paid into a fund for all the innocent bystanders who are furloughed with no pay for the duration.

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On Interview with Filmmaker Izzy Chan: "Have we adjusted our expectations of what a man needs to bring to the table?"

@Quinn A@twitter I was unemployed for a long period of time (over a year!!!). Financially we were able to swing it, but emotionally....I was kind of a mess. I was depressed; I didn't know what I wanted to do but I did know that looking for jobs in my field filled me with dread; I gained 30 lbs; I started to panic about meeting new people (even though I'm very social) because I didn't know how to answer the ubiquitous (In NYC at least) "What do you do?"

My husband was a champ through all of this, but when I did finally figure out my life (which involved a career change and going back to school) and finally started to feel normal, we were both enormously relieved. Even when I was in school without a job it was so much better having a purpose in life.

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On The First Response Pie

@MMTortuga Related: when I was single and I wanted to get lucky, I'd wear my ugliest underwear and not shave my legs. Worked like a charm. A stubbly, granny-pantied charm.

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