On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie @eleec4@twitter - It was one of Urban Decay's new Revolution lipsticks - the one I bought is Lovelight, and it's so nice and creamy and lasts longer than I knew lipstick could (definitely still needs a couple touchups a day, though). I also got a sample of Anarchy (a hot pink) in my ipsy box the other day and it is similarly wonderful.

@like a rabid squirrel - oh squirrel, I feel you on that. What kind was it? I recently bought Urban Decay's Naked foundation for like $38. But! It's supposed to mimic your skin - I think it's one of those things worth splurging on. If it's crap, it wears off and oxidizes and cakes and no longer maintains the "skin" illusion.

@supfreckles - Sephora has a great return policy! Which I learned after my own $17 mascara debacle ended in the trash.

@frigwiggin - those are soo pretty!

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On Friday Open Thread

You know how sometimes you see a lipstick at Ulta, and you want it, but then you learn it's $22 and that sounds CRAZY FOR LIPSTICK, but then you can't stop thinking about it so you go back and buy it and tell yourself it's a "special treat" and that you're being so lavish and that this is going to be your "fancy" lipstick, but then after just a few days you're so in love you already want another shade of it, and suddenly $22 doesn't seem SO CRAZY anymore and now you don't even recognize yourself because what is going on with your warped sense of value?

That's me this week.

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On Friday Open Thread

@A. Louise - My peeves are mostly bathroom-related. Make sure there's lots of TP (and have it out, in a basket or just sitting on the tank of the toilet, so people don't have to root around for it). Make sure there's a garbage can. Have a candle lit. Bonus points if there are readily-available tampons and pads (either out in a basket, or in the first cabinet someone is likely to reach for). Of course most grown ladies bring their own, but every once in a while you're caught by surprise and it's oh-so-nice to have a host looking out for you so you can deal with your surprise privately.

@City_Dater - I totally agree on the shoes thing. I know it's different in different places, blah blah blah, but I fully expect to always leave my shoes on, and I'm uncomfortable when asked to remove them. IME, walking around in my socks is only something to be done at sleepovers - otherwise, I feel like you're asking me to be partially undressed. It feels undignified (which is perhaps not the best word, because I'm not a generally dignified person, but I can't think of a better way to describe it). Also, while I personally do not have problems with foot odor, dirty socks, unsightly toe fungus, etc., lots of other people do and I imagine it's embarrassing on top of uncomfortable for them. I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT SHOES.

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On Friday Open Thread

@RK Fire - Tonight one of my favorite cousins, my big fluffy dog, and I are heading down to my parents' lake house for a sleepover! Sunday, who knows. My SO will probably be gone all day so I will probably stay home and do "boring but need to be done" things like make stock from all the crap I've been saving in the freezer, and chop down some honeysuckle, and work on my sewing pile.

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On Friday Open Thread

@blueberry mary - I have definitely had the terrifying "he's being really pushy and physically forceful, and I am genuinely scared, but I've had too much to drink and there's nowhere to walk to" date. (In hind sight I DEFINITELY should have just driven down the street and re-parked and slept it off, but drunk driving is a hard call to make.) When I told the story to a friend (this guy was our mutual acquaintance) I learned that I got off easy - he'd apparently done this sort of thing to two other girls we knew, but was much more forceful/scary to the point where one had to punch him to get away. But it never got to the point where he actually whipped it out, good god. That sounds awful and terrifying.

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On Friday Open Thread

@yeah-elle - Last winter I purchased ankle boots for far more than I had originally budgeted. But I was sure they would be a staple so I talked myself into it! But then I wore them twice. I am racked with guilt over this and resolve to get a lot of wear out of them this year. Don't be me!

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On Three Poems About Unrequited Love

I would like to offer up my favorite of short unrequited love poems:

I know what my heart is like
Since your love died:
It is like a hollow ledge
Holding a little pool
Left there by the tide,
A little tepid pool,
Drying inward from the edge.

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On Friday Open Thread

@RoyRogersMcFreely What I *actually* use is bar soap on my body and lady shower gel on my lady business. But what I want to use as a guest, or leave for my guests, is unscented, sensitive skin body wash.

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On Friday Open Thread

@gobblegirl - go to reddit.com/r/abrathatfits - it can be a little weird if you don't regularly use reddit, but basically when you get to that page, the sidebar on the right has all kinds of links about how to measure your bra size.

After you find the size, check figleaves.com, barenecessities.com, herrooom.com

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On Young Women Refusing to Commit (to Nun Life)

I have a few great aunts who are nuns. One's convent has a picnic/cookout thing every year for all the nuns' families. And it is a lot of fun but those nuns are like moths to a flame with high school and college aged women, trying to get us all to become nuns. It is a bit awkward to have to defend your decision to not be a nun to a group of 5 75-year-old ladies who so desperately want you to.

I feel so bad about the nun "epidemic." I suppose because I do have aunts and great aunts who are nuns, and I hate to think about them watching their entire lifestyle become extinct. But at the same time....because I have those relationships, I also know how awful it can be if you aren't in an order you mesh with or in one that isolates you from the rest of the world.

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