On Ask a Jeweler: Shady Platinum, Sizing Up Your Rings, and the Case For Sapphires

@SarahP Melissa Joy Manning is certified green and uses only recycled precious metals. Melissa does everything she can to make sure her stones are ethically sourced, a LOT of time goes into maintaining close relationships with her vendors. We have some incredible raw diamond rings and gorgeous unusual sapphires. Buy MJM so Hairpinners can be wearing my handywork! I'm a jeweler for Melissa Joy Manning, by the way.

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@SarahP I actually shouted, "Aw Ira! I want Ira at my wedding!" when I got to that photo.

My god, Jane, you and yours are a mighty fine looking bunch of people. Mighty fine.

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On The New Problem Areas

AHHHmagad my fucking jaw. Seriously. What do I even do about this. I constantly worry about it which stresses me out, and then the stress causes me to constantly clench my jaw so....Where do we even go from here? I guess we go to only eating halves of extremely fresh/soft bagels at a time instead of the full bagel sandwich experience. FML.

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On No Epiphanies Whatsoever

You hairpin gal's turned me onto xojane a year ago, and I've been a huge fan, reader, and supporter ever since. I enjoyed reading Cat's writing and considered her points of view on make-up (and even tried to implement them into my own routine, but seriously I am never taking anyone's make-up advice ever again aside from my mother's and Jane Marie's. for real.) but her shit took a wild turn at some point, and that turn was somehow missed. Her last few articles on xoJane were so absurdly bad that I remember just skipping over them entirely. And I was sad to see her go, maybe just out of the comfort of sameness, but I knew it was the right move for the site. Now there are all these articles ABOUT Cat and I just think it's ridiculous and overhyped. Maybe it's because none of my friends really read blogs like I do, so I never had real discussions regarding these writers outside of comments sections, and therefore the vast audience wasn't apparent to me. I don't think there's anything to say about her and I feel like reading these articles is redundant and a waste of time for anyone who actually read her writing. I believe she wholly speaks for herself and knows exactly who her audience is and how she is perceived, especially now.

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On Not a Fever Dream

@retrovertigo "On the road again.... Can't remember why I'm on the road again." Not gonna lie, I have seen this film in it's entirety more than once within the last 6 months.

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On Not a Fever Dream

@Evan James@twitter I have that recorded somewhere on VHS, and I just got it for my brother (who is 16, I'm 23) on DVD. Yes, it's on DVD somewhere. We've been kind of obsessed with Mother Goose Rock & Rhyme for years, it just happened. I don't know. But I do know that it is severely under-appreciated and actually incredible, also probably one of the trippiest kid films ever created. The cast list. OH the cast list. Everyone is in this film! Paul Simon, ZZ top, Woody Harrelson, Cindy Lauper. C'mon. This film is epic, and I love it.

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On Don't Try it With Patti LuPone, Though

That whole thread is so intense, what a crazy world to be a part of.

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On Beauty Q&A: Hangover Face, Nail Wraps, and Pimping Your Ride

I have the caudalie beauty elixir and, maybe I don't use it enough, but I really get nothing from it. It was $16 for such a little bottle, which I splurged on because of such great reviews. But I use it infrequently for that reason. Hm.

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On The Hairpin at Coachella

Yeah seriously? Why did he name himself A$AP Rocky? Which just looks silly to begin with. There is already an Aesop Rock who definitely does not want to be confused with this new clown. I dont even care if this guy even makes good music. You don't encroach on Aes like that.

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On Beauty Q&A: Too Many Choices

I love love love Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes. I have the neutral one called Saint, I probably bought it more than six months ago and I use it every day and it's hardly diminished. It was my first expensive makeup purchase (other than my bare minerals) and it has totally shown me the way.

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