On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Rita Hayworth, Tragic Princess

@Punky Ahhh, that was amazing!!

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On Would Everyone Please Get Off Target.com?

Today I was like, "Hey when is the Missoni for Target collection coming out?" and then well, what do you know. I went to my local grungy urban Target around 1:30 and it was cleaned out. They still had some lingerie, but it was only in the smallest/largest sizes. They did have a lot of kids' clothing, which was cute but also felt really cheap, which made me feel less bad about missing all the grown lady clothes. The housewares shelves were totally empty. I dragged my boyfriend alllll over the store looking for something! anything! and he let me buy him one of the last two Missoni ties (it's not bad for a $24 tie, and the pattern/colors are really nice) and I got myself a pair of striped socks, which are cute but still maybe kind of thin for $6 socks.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Moms Have Said: The Bracket

When I was in college, my mom was visiting and complimented my new jeans. I told her they were "Long & Lean" from the Gap. She laughed.

In high school (over the course of which I gradually gained 20-30 pounds), I was trying on jeans at Express and complained that they made my hips look really big. My mom said maybe those were just my hips.

I don't know if those are a reflection on my mother (who is usually pretty great? Except for the times when, say, she pointed out I wasn't *that* good of an actress so probably shouldn't pursue drama in college because she had friends who were way better than me and even with their talent didn't come to anything) or the terribleness of jeans shopping.

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On Save the Kitties

@queensissy I always say, girl plus car equals dead animal.

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On Save the Kitties

Well, first they need to befriend him and go shopping together with his big coat (they love his big coat!).Then they can attend his awkward cat funeral. They should finally spill the beans just as he is cracking open a beer before attending the Who concert without his parents' permission, and everything will go back to the way it was before.

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On The 17th-Century Breastoration: A Time Before Bras

@Jolie Kerr Haha! If my advisor wants to know where my dissertation chapter is, I'll just be like, "Whatever, I'm being glorious on the internet. A Clean Lady said so!" (Also, I made your lemon muffins last weekend and OMG THOSE LEMON MUFFINS. Thank you.)

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On The 17th-Century Breastoration: A Time Before Bras

I was really hoping there would be a picture of Frances Howard, and then there was! This is the best.

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