On Ocean's Eleven: Ladies Night

Retta in everything always.

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On Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

@Jazmine Hughes The Donna and Tom Show. All day every day. Treat Yo Self!

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On Sweet Dee

@SmartCookie Also very glad that Dee is okay! And not only for the selfish reason that I didn't want to read about wonderful people dying of skin cancer today.

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On Sweet Dee

This is super timely as I just got a something removed today. I probably don't have cancer! (I'll know in a week.) Many thanks to those of you who talked me down when I was freaking out about it a few open threads ago. And everyone check yourselves! Removal is pretty easy and judging from a sample size of 2 (mine and Dee's) dermatologists are always super cute!

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On The Gift of Small Predictions: January Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

Galactic Rabbit, you are so much better than Susan Miller this month. I absolutely need to be intentional and tell people true things about myself.

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On A Letter to Future Me

I just started dating a guy after being single forevvveeerrrr. I've finally really settled into being single and enjoying it so I'm a little sad? I guess? I have to keep reminding myself trying not to sabotage it even though I really like him. So yes, this is great and relevant and I might need to write myself a letter!

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On Erica Gets An IV

@muddgirl I have tiny veins too. To the point where I don't just get multiple sticks I get a needle stuck halfway in and then twisted around in search of a vein. The last time I got blood drawn I warned the technician and when she hit it first try I wanted to kiss her face.

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On Get This Kay Jewelers Commercial Out My Face

I hate this commercial almost as much as I hate the Yoplait one where the mom swaps her daughter's snacks for yogurt. No. No no no. Also any/all commercials that suggest a new car is a normal christmas present.

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On Friday Open Thread

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose and @Pocket Witch
Thank you both! I thought it was a pretty easy thing but my appointment is at the hospital so I was second guessing like crazy. And exhale...

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On Friday Open Thread

@BattyRabbit I'm not going to my office party either. And I'm on the party planning committee... Yay!

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