On Talking to Anne Helen Petersen About Leaving Academia for BuzzFeed

Academia's loss is our gain!

Seriously, AHP is a terrific writer and it's encouraging to learn that Buzzfeed is moving beyond listicles and click-bait by hiring her and giving her NO LIMITS.

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On False Dichotomy vs Who Cares

You are a good writer with a fantastic bullshit detector.

Everyone should be too busy working for this!

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On Ask a Clean Person About Her New Book: A Conversation With Jolie Kerr

You are such an inspiration, Jolie! And I am looking forward to having your book, waiting on a shelf for the next time I spill something disgusting and need to figure out what kind of solvent will break it up.

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On The Single Woman Need Not Be Eternally Panic-Stricken: An Interview With Sara Eckel


I had a similar reaction -- there's something rather comically whiny about someone so young, with so many things yet to experience, wondering why her life partner hasn't shown up.

And I'm so looking forward to reading Sara Eckel's book. Even though I'm long past the point of buying into them, the barrage of "what are you doing wrong, single lady?" messages gets tiring. Hooray for moral support!

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On America Will Wear White Pants

Years of training, struggle, and hard work -- rewarded with the costume of a hallway extra on SAVED BY THE BELL.
It's just undignified.

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On My Beauty Regimen


Martha's dogs have their own garden shed. It's where they hide when they think she might bite them in the face.

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On My Beauty Regimen


Has anyone ever seen them together? See?!

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On Martha, Martha, Martha

@Emma Carmichael

I've already alerted four people to its existence, and the day is young. It might replace the gif of Peggy Olsen banging her head on her desk as The Thing I Look At When I Want To Walk Out of Work And Never Come Back.

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On On the Brain-Dead Texas Woman Being Kept Alive to Gestate a Fetus

Leaving aside the most rage-inducing part of this -- keeping this poor woman's body alive against her wishes and her family's -- will this hospital and the Jackass State of Texas be paying for this experiment in gestation, or will their final horrifying insult be billing this grieving family for anything not covered by insurance?

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On Friday Open Thread


A good list, but as someone who works at a foundation, I must suggest a modification: Review the materials on the foundation's website, including grant reports for previous funding cycles, application materials if they provide them, and links to any press they provide. Do not cold-call a foundation to find out if your organization is a fit; chances are you will be able to answer that for yourself from this basic research. Call when you have specific questions about the application process. No one likes having his or her time wasted by a development person who isn't doing much more than pulling a phone number off Guidestar or the Foundation Center website.

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