On Industry Rule No. 4,080: You Don't Want to Date Don Draper

@bevrockin I feel like Jon Hamm PLAYS Don Draper in every role he does... Bridesmaids, Friends with Kids. He is basically a modern Don Draper in both, validating their modern existance. ugh.

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On Tumblrs of Note: Reasons My Son Is Crying

@likethestore As a former nanny, it seems like one of those "if you can't laugh, you'll cry" situations. Toddlers can be so vexing. Yes their feelings are valid, but they are feeling them very strongly every second of every ever-loving day.

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On The New SAHM

Clicked through; ugh TL;DR. Fuck this noise and it's pageviews. I'm so sick of this ish and being told how to be a freaking woman. I'm too busy looking for a full-time job to "lean in" to to worry about the fact that I'm an accidental housewife.

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On The New SAHM

@Lily Rowan I need at least a low seven figs to keep me going.

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On Five OkCupid Messages That Made Me Want to Revise My Profile

@Countess Maritza I met my spouse on... Craigslist personals. It's so embarrassing... really. OKC would at least have added some dignity to the whole affair!

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On Train Help

@tearsforaffairs Hmm maybe it depends on the train? Once spent 28 hrs non-stop on a train without booking a sleeper car, but it was due to a snowed in airport and not a fun vacay. The seats were so uncomfortable, the air so stale, and the every 5-minute announcements made the trip all together miserable. It took away any romantic notions I had about train travel.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Autumnal Cleaning Conundrums

@frigwiggin By stains that set over the summer or moths that were attracted to said stains... maybe I'm just a messy eater :)

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On Ask a Clean Person: Autumnal Cleaning Conundrums

@frigwiggin I have had so many sweaters ruined by not washing them at the end of season... Just wash and fold and put in a bag or plastic box. Throw in cedar blocks, bags of cedar chips, or lavender soap bars. They come out beautifully 6 months later and smell so great.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Autumnal Cleaning Conundrums

@Olivia2.0 Two words: Bleach Pen! Clorox makes a bleach pen and it is a thick gel, works really well.

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On How to Live Practically Forever

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