On Items At A Specialty Grocery Store

When I was in the sixth grade, I purchased Janet Jackson's "janet" album. My mother asked to borrow it, but before I gave it to her, I painstakingly scribbled out the word Virgin (the record label) on the CD and liner notes. I don't know why.

I want that kind of olive oil. The virgin but not sex-related but embarrassed anyway because Moommmmmmmm.

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On We Are Now A Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Appreciation Blog

Can someone please do some investigative reporting on the Mary-Kate and Ashley's claim that they are fraternal twins? Lies. LIES. Identical like the fish in my bed. Burn them!

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@Jazmine YES! I used to have to babysit my little sisters (twins!) and the only thing that ever would get them to settle down is MK+A's "My First Video." They probably could still sing "I am the Cute One" to perfection.

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On Not Like Most Girls

I imagine Fitzpatrick is used to responses like, "Yes...mmhmmm...yes, yes...yesss...NO! NO! NO! ABORT!"

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On More Letters from Confused Straight Man

I'm not going to dismiss this guy right away. By his logic, anyone who is not having sex at this very second is abstinent. So get me a to a nunnery!

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On Remote Control Birth Control

NOPE! Then Y2K happens and I get pregnant. Or a solar flare happens and I get pregnant. Or some bitch in my sorority uses my remote on me while I'm sleeping and I get pregnant. Or a shark eats my arm off and I get pregnant. Or a group of 13 men run a heist on Las Vegas that involves the emission of an EMP and EVERYONE GETS PREGNANT. Or Oprah goes nuts and YOU get a pregnancy and YOU get a pregnancy and YOU get a pregnancy and EVERYONE IS PREGNANT!

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On 10 Signs You're in a Catfish Situation

You've been caught ca-noodling more than once.

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On What Kind of Bird Are You?

If you're a bird, then I'm a bird.

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On Happy Rex Manning Day

"I decided I'd rather kill myself than meet Rex Manning."

Bwahahahahahha. Oh, Deb.

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On BLAH: A Lifestyle Magazine for the Depressed Woman

More! More!!! Beauty tips! Affirmations! Work Outs! Sex tips!

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