On A Tidy Death

Nia! With Chris at 206? Just a guess, because I used to live in Charlottesville, too.

Thank you for this beautiful piece, and for sharing your scary but galvanizing and inspiring experience. <3

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On Why Enigma's "Sadeness" Could Never Exist Today

@Jenivere Yesssss. One of my Pure Moods faves? "Crockett's Theme" - that's right, Crockett from Miami Vice. A #1 hit in the Netherlands!

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On Lucinda Rosenfeld's "Friend or Foe" Advice Column at Slate

HATE that column. Haaaate it. I did like Lucinda Rosenfeld's book, "What She Saw," when it came out awhile back.

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On How to Protest the Netflix Pricing Change

Guyzzz, don't be sad - Bright Leaves, that tobacco farming doc, is on Instant! And it's fucking awesome. Really! If you liked Sherman's March or have a thing for beautiful skies and meandering narratives. You know.

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On Reading Between the Texts

@literary_hippie Agreed, agreed. "Where are these strange conversations coming from? Who writes like this anyway?"

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On A Typical Itinerary for the Three Weeks in 1995 I Was a Remorseless 8th Grade Shoplifter

@lil.orphan.shannie You can also slide the lipgloss and eyeliner samples up your sleeve at Sephora, and when your friend asks you for the hand-mirror in your purse (even though there are big mirrors everywhere), you just drop them in and take out the mirror. Makeup by Hard Candy and Urban Decay were prime for the taking.

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On The Week in Estate Jewelry: Micromosaics, Feathered Tiaras, and Mourning Jet

That Anthony Kim bracelet... yes. Those cabochon-cut emeralds are the best. Thanks for the link to the auction, I'm not getting any work done today!

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On Flirting, Non-Verbal Communication, and Guys Who Say They're Gay

@constant reader this is multiple ex-boyfriends of mine. blechhhh, all the time i spent stressing while they waited for me to figure it out and do the dirty work!

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On Hot Yoga Changed My Life, Body, and Spirit Animal

@Anne Helen Petersen WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY???? Ohhhhhhhhh my god ohmygodohmygod. You already sold me on trying hot yoga, since I like regular yoga a lot, even the silly parts, but damn.

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On Help Hot Mayonnaise

@Ophelia Pencil is my favorite dog name.

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