On The Scientific Reasons Behind Fashion Don'ts

These are tips that bear repeating.

(I am sorry.)

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On Thank You, Dinosaur Erotica

Scientists conclude that dinosaurs had "a (relatively) small penis."

The key word, in this instance, is "relatively."

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On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

Glad to finally see "Ned" at the top of one of these lists. It CAN be a sexy name!

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On First Pages of Fake Lifetime Movies: 'The Triumph'

"Mother May I Cruise With Feces?"

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On Woman Not a Fan?

Which Molly is this one? Is she one of the Mollys, or just a Molly?

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On War Horse: An Illustrated Review

@MisterHippity Oh, and let me add to the general consensus: This post was awesome!!

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On War Horse: An Illustrated Review

"Spielberg made a big deal about casting an unknown actor as the main dude, but he's really just a hunk ..."

Back in the late 70s, director Carroll Ballard took the same approach to casting the boy who starred in "The Black Stallion." She wanted a total unknown -- the only stated prerequisite was that the kid had to know how to ride.

I knew how to ride, so my mom took me down to a casting office in Manhattan where they were having an open call for the part. We filled out a form, and then they took a Polaroid picture of my face and said "thank you." We never heard from them again.

See, I didn't know about the "good looking" part or I wouldn't have bothered. The kid they ended up casting was cute, it seems. I guess that's why they took a picture of my face rather than, say, giving us a "how well can you ride?" test at a stable or something.

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On The Man-sturizer

I man-sturize regularly. But not as much as I did eight years ago.

Wait ... what are we talking about again?

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On Thinking About Nuts

@atipofthehat You got some Jim Copp CDs? That's awesome! Your children will have their minds warped just like I did!

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On Thinking About Nuts

Today's culinary climate is so polarized.

It's amazing that we, as a nation, can get any meal prepared these days!

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