On Which English Do You Speak?

@Steph Barnard@facebook Naaaaaw! That's where I'm from, and I ain' never heard that! "I done verbed," as in, "I done did my homework, Ma," is another story altogether...

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On Happy Pi Day

As someone who like neither pie nor math, I'll just be celebrating the fact that it's Friday. You guys take your Pi, and your pie. And cheesecake too, while you're at it. CAKE AND LANGUAGE ARTS FOREVER.

...Can the day after Pi Day be Poe day where people eat desserts that are actually delicious and celebrate classes that were actually fun?

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On Which English Do You Speak?

@Frankeneeka "Correct" being a relative term, "The car needs to be washed"? "The car needs washing" has a nice proper British ring to it, though.

It seems like there are a lot of different dialects spoken in Indiana, which is super interesting. I would assume it's more Great Lakes/ Chicago in the north part, Midwest in the middle, and then you get all the way down to the bottom and it's suburbs of Louisville, and they have more pronounced Southern accents than residents of the city proper in my experience.

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On Which English Do You Speak?

I spent a few years in Western NY before moving back to Kentucky... I never thought I had a regional accent before, but now that I'm back I realized that I spent a lot more time enunciating "for" and "isn't" and "to" instead of "fer" and "idn't" and "t' " (not to mention the subtle difference between "pen" and "pin" I didn't even realized existed till I was 19) when I lived there so as to fit in because I come from a very non-prestigeful accent territory, though of course they had their own accent there. I remember I used to talk to someone I thought was Mrs. Leary over the phone and it was six months in before I saw her name written out and realized it was Mrs. LARRY.

I actually really like the Southern accent, though, and find it comforting and charming. And don't lie, y'all, there is a LOT of need in the English language for "y'all" and "your all's."

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On Tagalongs vs. Peanut Butter Patties: The Great Girl Scout Cookie Regional Naming Rift

Regional bakeries! That makes so much sense! I lived in Upstate NY for GS Cookie season last year and thought they changed all the cookie names to be more 21st Century or something. Now I'm back in my home state and we have Trefoils! Savannah Smiles forever btw.

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On Why We Are Tired This Morning

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."
~Me :)

Someone in my Facebook feed posted a quote from himself this morning and I wanted to smash my computer. Would Ben Franklin be that guy?

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant I'm in a really awkward boat where I'm not single and actually kinda like Valentine's Day and giving presents, but my SO hates holidays and receiving presents, so today's kind of a bah-humbug secret binge on all the chocolate in the office kitchen day. I also work the front desk at my job so there's nothing to do but accept flower deliveries for everyone else and look at everyone's cute V-Day Instagrams. WHY DOESN'T ANYONE FEEL SORRY FOR ME???

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On Which Spice Girl Were You in Fifth Grade?

My elementary school friends started their own band, which they called "2 Much," and assigned me the role of Song Writer because I was chubby and known as "the girl who reads." But at least I got my very own turquoise composition notebook on front of which I wrote 2 Much! Songs! and carried around everywhere. It was the closest I ever came to being popular.

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

I understand, I mean, she was interesting and had this je ne sais quois, but being able to identify with a character doesn't always equal complexity (look at Bella from Twilight). Kate's relationships with everyone but her inner monologue struck me as really hollow--like Towles didn't even want to try to get into the meat of how a woman really related to a man, or with other women, despite the fact that these relationships were the core of the book. I mean, Kate's "spunk" was a core element too, but it didn't carry the novel for me. Of course, this is just my opinion--I'm not trying to insult anyone who identified with the character, because it's your perogative to do that or not to do that or to like the book or not. I just think there are other men (Jonathan Franzen, of course, and Jess Walter, who is a man, Ian McEwan sometimes, Jeffrey Eugenides, who handled the challenge of writing an intersexed character in a famously beautiful and thoughtful way) who do it better. There are also some authors who can't write any character in complex way. Charles Bock, author of Beautiful Children, comes to mind. I thought all his characters were just his idea of what "interesting people" would be like if he actually liked people.

I also just couldn't get over the feeling that The Rules of Civility was written in a lustful way--not to be confused with a sexy way. Even though the book was written in first character I got the vibe that the author was just really horny for his heroine.

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