On Beauty Q&A: If You See Something, Say Something

Perfume Lady! Another perfumery i'd recommend is Bond no. 9 (http://www.bondno9.com/). They sell it at Saks, and have a bunch flavors (flavors?) so you'll be able to find your perfect one. I wear Bleecker St, which is kind of spicy but fresh smelling, and unisex. I also really wanted an perfume that would be natural and long-lasting, which is was Bleecker St is for me!

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On Mini Ask a Lady: The Thank-You Note

@Audley I mailed something from my parents' house a few months ago and they (lifelong Reagan haters) had the Reagan stamps. My Dad claimed "it was all they had." I was too horrified to attach REAGAN to piece of mail with my name on it to use them, so I went and bought my own Latin Music Legends stamps. (Selena! Tito Puente!)

Now I am on the USPS website looking at more stamps.

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On The Girl Vodka

Okay, so I bought the marshmallow flavor for a party, thinking "oh neat! we can make White Russians taste like smores!" NO. DO NOT BE LIKE ME. The vodka tastes straight up like melted marshmallow (which, kudos for getting the flavor exactly right) and when mixed into a White Russian is not delicious. We then tried using chocolate milk for a better smores taste...still not delicious.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Why Haven't You Gotten Rid of Your Cats Yet?

@emmelea I second this notion.

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On Recent Google Searches

semipermanent closet organization solutions
anna karenina
how to paint an apartment

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On Different Categories of People Without A/C in Order of the Reasonable Sympathy One Bears for Them

@LauraJ Do remember the name of the book, or could you recommend some google keywords to search for it? I'm interested.

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On UPS Riddle

@kittenskittenskittens Unless, I just realized, that R could stand for rear instead of right?

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On UPS Riddle

What is most interesting to me is that there is a 4F and a 3R in an 8 unit building? Is there no consistency to your building's apartment numbering system?

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Kitchen Edition

@ejcsanfran Usually I like to toss in some overpriced cheese and crackers too, ya know?

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Kitchen Edition

I really want the pink prosecco, but I don't think I can justify spending my week's grocery $$ on a case of wine? Or can I?

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