On Star Trek Into Darkness: Waiting for Superman

@Miss Maszkerádi Fucking blast is right, preach it sister! I was giddy after this movie. I guess people go to movies for different reasons, but my reasons for seeing this one were Fun With Space And Aliens and it delivered. I mean, it was ridiculous in parts, but ridiculous is fun!

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On Be the Change, Jerks

I had a friend who did peace corps in Africa for two years, and always laughed away her lateness (like, hour plus lateness to coffee) with saying she was still "on Africa time." Because according to her Africans are super late to everything. Which is fine IF YOU'RE IN AFRICA, but she'd been back in the states for two years, and had grown up here for 25 years before peace corps. And we're not friends anymore, because it turns out her unapologetic lateness was not a cultural leftover, but a symptom of her general selfish disregard for anyone not her.

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On Assumptions

every escalator is actively trying to eat my shoelace, proceeding upwards to foot/leg/torso, etc. Mostly I would be so paralyzed by embarrassment if this happened that I would probably just let it proceed. Also, anytime I forget where my keys are it means Alzheimer's is around the corner.

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On The Hairpin Halloween Advent Calendar: Halloween Confessions

@SarahP I totally made a Halloween advent calendar! I wish I could figure out how to paste a picture of it here, but here's a link: http://camalittle.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/we-dont-get-trick-or-treaters-so-i-have-to-do-what-i-can/

Halloween is the best! And so is candy!

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On Dads

@wee_ramekin I'm glad you started this because I was wanting to ask for some help in this regard, but didn't want to bring the party down (which you did not do at all, with your eloquent comment). I lost my dad suddenly last month and need some ideas on how to spend Sunday. My normal "therapy" is going for a hike, but I think all the little kids and dads frolicking on my standard trails would be too much. My instinct is to sit on the couch and eat nachos and alternate between crying jags and episodes of Game of Thrones (I have already seen/read it, so I know it seems an odd choice, but it sounds appropriately self-torturous to me right now). But part of me thinks I should do something at least a bit in honor of Dad, instead of just in mourning of him, or I will feel negligent. If you or anyone has any ideas for how to balance these, I would appreciate it. xoooo so hard to you and anyone else who has a dad-shaped heart hole, they are awful.

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On Bridal Beauty: Five Things to Do to Your Face

@Equestrienne I talked to my eyebrow waxer (I guess she’s a beautician? I don’t really know, but she’s awesome and does lash extensions too) about extensions, and she said that though they look rocking, you HAVE to sleep on your back, or they will get all wonkified. Like, if you sleep on your side or on your stomach, they will get squished and ruined and you will be sad. Since I’m a reckless sleeper, this took them off the table for me, so it might be something to consider? But a quick five second google of “eyelash extensions sleep” seems to show that the typical advice is just to not sleep on your stomach the first two or three days, so maybe it’s not as dire as she suggested.

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Are You Doing It Every 28 Days or So?

@Katie Walsh Ha, I feel the same way! Like I need to just de-gunk the junk even though I vaguely understand that that's not how it works? But like @The Lady of Shalott when I skip my periods for a few months and then go off the pill I get super emotional in a very sitcom-stereotype-way, which makes me want to avoid my period week even more, so it's all a (non-menstrual) cycle. Thanks for all the reassurance, sisters!

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Are You Doing It Every 28 Days or So?

I'm on le pill, so I just do that thing where I skip right on over my period week and move on to the next pack, no muss no fuss . . . but now that I've seen NO ONE else mention this I am all nervous that everyone else knows this is a horrible thing to do. Even though my doctor says it's ok, obviously I will trust you all more if you tell me it's wretched and my uterus is going to turn into a zombie.

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On Cleft Lips and Unamusingly Horrible Bosses

LW2: I am you, only I did the moving-home part! I had more reasons to leave though (not hopeful about my job, good university in my home city that had some interesting master's programs, etc). For me it came down to what I would regret more. Because really, you can make a good life almost anywhere. I'm not necessarily advocating this choice, but it worked out for me. My parents are old. There are shitty things I can make less-shitty by being near. And if I had stayed far, I would've regretted that I couldn't de-shittify for them. But I don't feel like I have sacrificed much (well, except Ethiopian food. There are no Ethiopian restaurants in my state. AT ALL), because I have found a good place here. That's all. Don't do it out of guilt, but do think about the permanence of your choices at this stage in life, maybe? Can you move now and still find what you want from life? Basically, what A Lady said, I just wanted to chime in as a left-my-life-moved-home-it-rocks voice.

LW3: Maybe HR can help? I mean, depending on your circumstances? I know that at my last job, at a huge company with well-established corporate policies and mission statements, yelling at employees would've been very frowned upon. And maybe if A Lady's advice doesn't work, you could try asking HR for coping mechanism's? At my exit interview for last job, I brought up a few dissatisfactions, boss-employee-relationship-wise (like, my evaluations were done months and months after they were supposed to be done, and I couldn't get a raise until they were done, and the only reason was boss laziness, so that sucked) and HR was all, "we totes could've helped you, if you'd come to us." So, y'know. Depends on the corporate culture, but that's kind of HR's job, I think? Any HR 'pinners do that kind of thing?

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On Revenge Tips, Infertility, and the Lumpy Lumberjack

@MrComment ok, any advice for when it is a more personal appearance issue? Like, not having the pearliest of pearly-whites? Years of no dental insurance and drinking two cups of coffee a day have not been kind, and now he's looking for jobs and I can't think of a subtle way to say "you know, if you didn't have a smile the shade of an 80-year old tobacco chewers', you would make a better impression." I might just have to try "Hey, wanna bleach your teeth with me? It'll be fun!"

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