On Interview With My Mom, Who Never Had a Single Moms Club

@stonefruit i agree. this whole thing felt.. unnecessary and very personal to dayna and her mother, not so much something for public reading.

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On The Treat Yo Self Pie

100%: taking a taxi when public transport is totally, utterly, entirely, completely, 100% viable

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On The Things We Hide

with me it's "what you see is what you get" and what you get is lots of wine bottles and cigarettes and terrible books and internet tabs open to ex-boyfriends and their news girlfriends on holidays and pads everywhere. i don't know how pads and tampons get into every single nook! they're in their box one second and the next.... everywhere.

also i recently had a guy i was seeing ask me completely sincerely "so do you always carry a bottle of wine in your handbag?" so now i'm more paranoid about my handbag contents than anything else

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On Why I'll Miss Bunheads: Because I'm a Mess, Too

i didn't know that bunheads was cancelled until i just saw this. unfortunately i am now so sad that i can't actually read the article, because it'll make me more sad, but i imagine i agree with all of the above.

i loved bunheads. i loved it. michelleeeeee.

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On Goosebumps for Grown-Ups

@Buffy Summers no but everywhere fun IS too loud

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On Goosebumps for Grown-Ups

Your Lease Is Up Soon And You've Not Found A New Place

So, You Forgot To Bring Tampons: First Date

So, You Forgot To Bring Tampons 2: Very Busy Day At Work

Your Ex Is Coming To This Party Tonight

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On Friday Open Thread

@tea sonata !!!!

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On Friday Open Thread

hello. question for people who live in new york... does anyone have advice on where to go for kickboxing classes? i think i'd like to do kickboxing classes, but i have no idea where to even start... new york is overwhelming me with its unlimited choices and the only way i can do anything is if i get a recommendation first. actually, even just a GYM recommendation. although also kickboxing. although also just normal boxing? i really have extremely little knowledge of things outside of "cheap wine" and "how to make chilli" and "amanda bynes"

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On Beauty Secrets: Human Tears

I recently wept on a rooftop over some serious family stuff to a guy i'd been kissing for about two weeks (very cool of me, one of my most highly recommended tactics is to appear both damaged and insecure early on in a undefined relationship) and at the end I asked him, dramatically, "Do I look like I've been crying?" hoping the answer would be "You look like a rose after the rain" or similar but instead he was like "Yes, you should definitely get downstairs and wash your face, try not to let anyone see you" which he was absolutely correct about because I looked like a wet, scrumpled up bit of paper with the ink running.

Also important: is the show the BBC version of Wallander

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On Other People's Kids, Homes

@Faintly Macabre yes same idea- my dad is from a non English speaking country and so he would speak in his native language to us so no one else could understand and it put the fear of god into you. Like you knew the drive home was going to involve lots of shouting if you kept going down the path you were going down (followed, always, by your favourite dessert being made if you were really sorry)

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