On How To Change Your Name In 41 Easy Steps

Wow. I had to wait in line and watch some odd Social Security video starring George Takei and Michelle Nichols (I don't know, it was weird). But then I showed them my marriage certificate and my social security card and they just did it. It took less than an hour. What sort of hellscape do you live in?

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On The Marriage Pie

25% KitchenAid Stand Mixer
25% Entering into joint custody over husband's bad ass television
50% Having someone there to put clothes on you and drive you to the ER when you slip in the shower and dislocate your shoulder.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Tackling a Major Clean-up, Part Two - The Organizing

Amen to making your bed every day. You know what other little thing helps your room always look tidy? Close your drawers and cabinets always. ALWAYS.

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On Halloween Open Thread (*-*)

@youresmalltime One day I'll dress up as a character from Clue. One day...

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On Halloween Open Thread (*-*)

Fiance and I are going as Troy and Elizabeth from "Swamp People," and we're dressing my dog up as an alligator. I'm really excited because the clothes are super comfortable and big. And it's not every day that I get to wear my LL Bean Duck Boots in public. So, yeah. Big night.

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On One Person's Trash

Neko Case has a barn full of pianos she got for free on Craigslist. I like that.

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On That Movie You Should Watch on Netflix Instead of That Movie Released in Theaters Today

I'd like to suggest watching that episode of Buffy starring John Ritter, "Ted." It's shorter, pretty much fits the criteria of finding out something weird about adults in your life, and is MUCH better than the Alan Thicke movie.

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On Ask a Clean Person: It’s Time to Talk About Your Floors

For me and my wood floors, it's a dry Swiffer (Sorry Jolie, but I have shedding dog and actually do use it on an almost daily basis), a sponge mop, and Murphy's Oil in warm water. My floors are lovely, and it doesn't take that long.

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On Belle's Inner Monologue

My co-workers are giving me weird looks now. Trying to stifle laughter causes strange noises, apparently.

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On Mostly-Quashed Childhood Fears Reawakened by the Vampire Bat Fatality

@lil_bobbytables WE READ THAT IN 5TH GRADE TOO! Outloud. In class. Although, I'm pretty sure even the boys were crying by the end. We did not speak of that day for the rest of middle school or in high school.

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