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On Terminator: Sure, Why Not

Linda Hamilton in T2 is my Patronus.

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On Wash Your Clothes, You Filthy Animals

JFC ... of all the things I've read and immediately wished I could un-read ... [shudder]

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On Men Explain Cars To Me

Oh dear, "Girls don't usually make me laugh." Uccch.

But a couple of these guys would've gotten at least a message back from me -- there's some genuine funniness in there.

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On 2-4-6-8, Who Do We Appreciate? Donna Tartt.

Wow -- all kinds of wonderful/awesome. People are complicated, aren't they? You just never do know ...

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On Don't Be Afraid to Talk About Abortion

YES!!! I have, luckily, never been faced with the decision to terminate or not terminate, but I support my and EVERY LAST ONE OF Y'ALL'S right to do so without interference. The thing about the "sympathetic abortion story" -- while it's useful in getting anti-choicers to perhaps reconsider their hardline stance -- is that it's actually none of anyone else's business *why,* except the person who is having the abortion.

(Inappropriate Tone Shift Alert: Remember when Jerry tried to return that jacket on Seinfeld, and they asked him why, and he answered truthfully, "Spite," and because of that, they wouldn't take it? As if the reason mattered enough to deny him the consumer's right ... ).

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On How Many Types of Millennials Are There?

@IvyD Srsly. I hear millennials whining about being stereotyped, and I hear Artie Lange's voice in my head going "Waaaah." [Old Lady X-er]

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On Everything You Knew Is A Lie: A List of Celebrities Who Have Been Lying to You

Is it ok if I use "stay woke" at the end of every conversation (written or spoken) that I have for the next several years?

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On The Playground Gourmet

I swear I am not one of those Debbie Downer, nobody-gets-to-have-fun-when-there-are-STARVING-PEOPLE-out there types, but: This does not sit well with me. It's kind of cute ... and Shatner knows I love a Very Special Occasion meal at places like this (though I've never been able to score a table at TFL -- yet) ... and my kids would react similarly (although I've already hardcore socialized them to be more fucking polite about stuff they don't like, especially in company, at the table) ... it's just that it raises all kinds of socioeconomic-class-hackles for me. There's something almost sneeringly wasteful about it -- I'm not explaining myself well, but the whole thing made me grimace more than smile, you know?

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On "It's hard for the protestors to accept that I do abortions because I'm a Christian."

Wow, that was a tough read. I found myself kind of terrified for this doctor (GOSH the anti-choicers are crazy!), but inspired by his thoughtfulness and dedication; not many people think as deeply about this (or any other) issue as he has and does.

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On Hillary Clinton, Do Not Feel Guilty About Your Pleasures

Holy goat-horned SHATNER do I love this: "Listen, I don't feel guilty about shit, but as a person with an incredibly high-stress job I often find it nice to read books about how to have a prettier life, in which there's no theory or narrative, and the take-aways are always neat—and although people sometimes try to make me feel guilty about reading these books because they're in a feminized sphere, I refuse because I'm Hillary Fucking Clinton."

No more of this bullshit guilt fuckery. Nothing gets my feminist hackles up like women "confessing" to "guilty pleasures." Fuck that noise, right in the ear.

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