On Apologia

Holy shit this was brilliant and perfect and kind of like you crawled inside my head a little. Like, so good I logged in for the first time in two years to tell you how good.

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On The Dark Alley Pie

1) Saying hi to all the kids who keep yelling out to me?
2) Walking home?
3) Walking to a friend's place?

Maybe I'm shitting on things just to shit on them, but this seemed really bougie.

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On Every Meal Almanzo Eats in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy

Can we also talk about the chapter in Little Men (the less-loved sequel to Little Women) where Daisy gets her own mini-kitchen and does cooking in there? I can't count how many times I reread those chapters, but it reminds me strongly of this.

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@garli and my quiet weeping just turned into full-fledged sobbing.

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On Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

anyone else spent the afternoon listening to this, weeping quietly at their desks while half-heartedly attempting to work?

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On Alternate Theories to Explain the Greenwich Anteater's Immaculate Conception


Immaculate anteaters, restoring my faith in the world.

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On We Are All Pregnant Again

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On Time to Find a New Drink

Bell's Two-Hearted Ale is hoppy as hell and the most delicious beer in the entire world. And nothing will ever make me say otherwise, trend pieces be damned.

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On A Brief Introduction

Hi Emma! Good luck! Also, please keep the site weird. (Between the chickpea cookies and the microbes, it seems you are off to a good start on the weird stuff.) Keep it up!

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On An E-Mail Announcement From the Proud New Mommy

@hallelujah Yes - I'm a Mary Anne. And as the name's not that common, I still think of it as "mine," which is ridiculous, and something that I'm assuming Jessicas and Kates have come to terms with at some point during their preschool years.

Also Balk did this a million years ago too, there was a piece he wrote about a Mary Ann who had no family, just a pencil holder on her desk with teddy bears on it, a desperate attempty at levity in a sad world? It was one of those "morose Balk at his best" pieces. Am I the only one who remembers this?

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