Why Climb?: My Cardio Apostasy

I wake to the familiar smell of yak dung. It's day 20 of a month-long hike through the Nepalese Himalayas. Bhimsem, my guide, is slurping dahl bat in the teahouse kitchen. He's anxious to get going, even though we have 14 hours of daylight to trek three miles; the same three miles local children hike twice a day just to get to school. He fidgets with his backpack straps as I eat a chocolate pancake. Then, the speech. READ MORE

Confessions of a Yukon Arm Wrestling Champion, Women's Division

I wore a baby doll summer dress to the concert that Saturday night, even though it was 25 below zero. I had only worn it once before. The chest and stomach were made of a see-through material, and I didn't know whether it was too revealing, but I zipped into the dress and glanced in the mirror. My chest looked big. I inherited my mother's hearty breasts and my father's flat feet and wide shoulders. I have been asked countless times If I'm a competitive swimmer. Well, you should be, they say. You've got the shoulders for it. READ MORE