On Chamberpots: A Resurgence?

@mahiki also on msn hahaha

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On Humblebrags About My Dog

@Nutmeg dogs just don't trust people wearing hats...they hide your face which dogs want to see to determine whether or not you are a good person. seriously. my dog flips out at people wearing hats but if they take it off, he's fine (given that the person isn't a terrible person, i swear to god, he knows).

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On Monday Bargain Bin: Crazy-Colored Shoes Edition

@LolaLaBalc For me, they were true to size. I have flat, wide feet, so hopefully that helps? They didn't hurt too badly even after 6-8 hours of wear.

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On Monday Bargain Bin: Crazy-Colored Shoes Edition

Ahh. I had those electric blue bow pumps! For my wedding. They were my only option, as I couldn't find any other electric blue shoes two weeks before my wedding. Except I'm pretty sure they were like $60-70 when I got them.

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On The Haunted Vodka

I can't help picturing Tobias Funke in this story.

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On The Traveler's Cup

I had a purple plastic one of these as a kid. My grandma gave it to me...I'm certain it was not intended as a shot glass.

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On How to Protest the Netflix Pricing Change

I would be more than happy to watch everything on instant, if even 50% of the movies I find myself wanting to watch were available? Why should my affinity for old Hollywood films force me to pay an extra $2.00 a month due to Netflix's shitty selection? Unfair.

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On Totally Thrown by New York Times Piece on Ex-Evangelical

@beanie I loved those books...embarrassing. Didn't know about Jennifer Knapp and now am googling at work.

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On Totally Thrown by New York Times Piece on Ex-Evangelical

@melis oh godddd i remember those. and yes, totally a valid statement.

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On Learning to Drive for the First Time as a 28-Year-Old: A Basic Primer

@DickensianCat Ahhhh it's the worst! I moved to LA recently and dear god, I cannot imagine my dad driving here. He does the stiff armed, hands at 11 and 2, constantly shifts the wheel an inch to the right, an inch to the left, while driving down a straight road? And also one time hit a pedestrian, while I was with him. I was mortified. And yeah I'm a nervous driver too! But mainly only when other people are with me, so...shit, yeah that's totally the reason.

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