The Best Songs About Redheads

As a redhead, I'm biased, but these are some fabulous songs, ranked from top down. READ MORE

Horrible Death Imminent, According to TV


The Seven People in the Entertainment Business I Would Like to Meet

1. The person who photoshops nipples, candlesticks, and g-strings into and out of Erotic Photo Hunt. READ MORE

A Goodbye to Content Farms

Everyone's talking about content farms these days. But for those of you who aren't talking about them, content farms are websites that look at Google trends and then quickly tailor and create content for users searching these topics. For instance, “What Time Does the Superbowl Start?” (if it’s a news content farm) and “How to Edit a PDF Document” (if it’s looking to collect traffic on a commonly searched topic over a long period of time). Sometimes these stories are well researched and helpful, and sometimes they’re not. After many complaints from users who think these sites spam their search results, Google has implemented a new algorithm that cuts the rankings for content farms, and favors “high-quality” sites with original content. READ MORE