Wuthering Tarts: Baking with Emily Brontë

Welcome to the official first day of spring! It’s time to make traditional Yorkshire curd tarts from the Northeast of England. READ MORE

Winter Survival: Almanzo Wilder’s Apple Pie

There were preserves and jams and jellies and doughnuts. But best of all, Almanzo liked the spicy apple pie, with its thick, rich juice and crumbly crust. He ate two big wedges of the pie.Farmer Boy, 1933 READ MORE

Winter Survival: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday Cake

That afternoon the finished black cashmere was carefully pressed, and then Ma made a big, white cake. Laura helped her by beating the egg whites on a platter with a fork, until Ma said they were stiff enough. READ MORE

How to Throw a Georgian-Era Christmas Party

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A Rule Is a Rule: A Day Among the Millinery at Royal Ascot

After six Pimms, 20 squandered pounds, two purchased hats, and one final race at Royal Ascot, the five-day premier horse racing event in England, Rachel and I board the crowded train back to London and end up sitting in the First Class car. We’d somehow found ourselves, two Americans, returning from a day at the races. READ MORE

The Five People You Meet at a Talk Called "The Making of a Madam"

1. A male escort who spent 31 years as a railroad worker before switching professions nine years ago. READ MORE