Sangria Recipes for a Sweaty Summer

Summer is not a time to fuss. It is not the time to throw a party and spend the whole time sweating through your new sundress because you’re hand-muddling everyone’s organic mango mojitos. READ MORE

What Goes With Online Shopping?

In real life, in all but the fanciest boutiques, there is no booze available. At the mall the most you can hope for is an Auntie Anne’s pretzel wolfed down between depressing department stores and the Ann Taylor sale rack. Online, you can shop at several different stores at once with the beverage of your choice, and if you window shop and creep around for hours, no one’s the wiser. Here’s what to drink while you contribute to the demise of local businesses. READ MORE

What Goes With Spring Landscaping?

Spring may actually come to North America at some point, which means addressing what’s going on under all those sweaters and hats. I swear, once it hits 70 degrees I’m just going to run out of my house stark naked, public nudity laws be damned. Save money by doing some of this excavation and shellacking yourself, and then blow what you saved on delicious beverages. What could be better? READ MORE

What Goes With Your February Self-Improvement Kick?

Around this time of year I always start perusing the self-help and diet aisles of the bookstore. My resolution resolve has flagged, and it's that gray, un-festive part of winter that seems like it will never end. Reading these books is kind of like going to the Container Store. You're not really buying plastic bins or a new hamper, you're buying the fantasy of being organized and having it all figured out. Here are a few choice self-improvement fantasy titles with beverage and food pairing suggestions. READ MORE

What Goes With Your Summer Ennui?

Most magazines would have you believe summer is all Fourth of July parties with themed desserts that turn out perfectly and fabulous beach vacations. But what about the rest of us? READ MORE

What Goes With Your High School Reading List?


What Goes With Your Spring Crush?

Ah, Spring. Tulips pushing out of damp mulch, the first, furtive glimpses of bare shoulders, and, on the East Coast, cicadas crawling out of the ground to destroy your sanity. A time of fecundity, when your thoughts turn to your next sweaty makeout session. Or, in our climate-changed world, a time of wildly swinging temperatures, high winds, and freak snowstorms. Either way, crushes are an excellent distraction. Here are some wines to drink with said distractions — or while thinking of them. Because sometimes the thinking is the best part... READ MORE

What Goes With Your Netflix Marathon

Sometimes it’s impossible to deal with going on a real date, attending a cultural event where you might actually have to think, or doing whatever else you’re supposed to be doing with your leisure time to be a well-rounded human being. Sometimes you need to binge-watch your favorite television shows in slipper socks and mismatched pajamas. Here’s what to drink with what you’re watching. READ MORE

What Goes With Your Breakup?

Breakups and alcohol are inextricably linked, so here are some ideas to get you through your next one. I mean, if you’re going to be lying on the floor listening The Boatman’s Call and crying, you might as well drink something worthy of Nick Cave. READ MORE