On My Beautiful Dark Tinder Fantasy

Hahaha! Haha...hah....(surreptitiously picks up phone)

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On Notes From A Future Shitbag Mother

@Wilmark Johnatty@facebook ACTUALLY

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On Weekend Roundup

Awesome week! So much good stuff!

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On "A Random Man Has Life Advice"

This is incredible.

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On Weekend Roundup

@jazzloon Awesome! I didn't mean to be like DEVOTE YOUR LIFE TO DICKPILL ERADICATION but it's awesome to know that it's a priority!!

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On Weekend Roundup

Awesome first week! Congratulations!

This may be a silly question, but is there a plan for weeding out spam comments on recent/upcoming pieces? It's not a huge deal, but it's disappointing to see new comments and click to see where the discussion is going, only to find it's just 20 versions of "yes very nice post thank u buy some dickpills here" and "Let me tell you in no fewer than 2000 words how a witch doctor saved my marriage." I wonder if it also discourages people from posting, because the glut of spam comments might subconsciously signal to people that it's the end of any real comments appearing on the piece.

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On Cutting Through The Aquanet Fog: The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story

Agree x100. Fashion-wise there were some great moments, but overall everyone's hair looked way too good/non-frizzy.

Also, I couldn't tell if I was supposed to feel bad for Dustin Diamond/roll my eyes violently as he whined about being uncool.

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On Please Welcome Jazmine Hughes, The Hairpin's New Contributing Editor

Yay! Welcome!

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On Drake and Nicki Minaj Conversation

In another still from this video, Drake is making the same face I make when I'm bored and scrolling through Instagram. Sexy!

(Please never stop writing about him.)

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On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

@Jia Tolentino Noooo, Jia! You've been amazing! :( And, I am sure, will continue to be amazing somewhere else. You'll be missed!

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