On A Thing Of A Thing That Is Just A Thing: Self-Care With Hannah Black

this is so good and smart that my brain hurt (in a good way). Thank you!! So much to think about.

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On Things I Want To Happen in Season 3 of "Orange is the New Black"

where is nicky in this trailer?!

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On Girl, Bye (No, Really, Bye, This Is My Last Day)

Wow, Jazmine!!! Congratulations! I'll miss you from this corner of the web but will be happy to see you at another!

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On Who Do You Have Embarrassing Sex Dreams About? or, Alec Baldwin Did A Thing on Reddit

The Mentalist. Not Simon Baker, the actor, but Patrick Jane, the actual character. Worst part: I don't even watch that show. I've seen it like 3x at my parents' house. Yet, now it's part of my (gross) psyche, apparently.

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

happy to be the 50th person to be like GET THE MIRENA but seriously. The Pill made me crazy from body to brain; what sucked is that I didn't realize for many years that it was literally the Pill doing it and not me, as my dr so kindly suggested, being an "emotional young woman."

Mirena was kind of weird at first, then my body figured it out and I have absolutely never felt better. Immediate symptoms were a huge reduction in PMS-y feelings and my boobs deflating (which was a blessing, not because they were big before, but because they felt swollen and painful every month on the Pill), just a general feeling of clarity. I've already had it for 5 years, which means I gotta get it replaced. Oh, and after 3 years my periods really did fade into just spotting. MIRENA FOREVER.

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On 15 More Real Canadian Slang Terms

You know that feeling when you flip through a dictionary or something, and suddenly the letters that start all the words start to look fake and meaningless from seeing them so many times?

Anyway, I finished this article being like, "wait, do I even know what 'blog' means? Do I remember where that word comes from? Did I make up the etymology??" So thanks for short-circuiting my brain.

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On Face Masks with Absolutely No Placenta Listed in the Ingredients

@Plant Fire Wow, this is crazy informative! Thanks! I will...just continue to dab some extra powder on the tip of my nose, I think! My pores don't seem clogged so much as visible and the rest of my skin is pretty even.

I would have thought Makeup Science would be there to back me up in just making 'em a little less visible. Although I'm with @Jazmine Hughes in that I love clay masks even if, ultimately, I guess they're not doing anything? Whatever, still fun.

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On Face Masks with Absolutely No Placenta Listed in the Ingredients

I want to buy all of these, and also I need someone to tell me of a product that will reduce the size of the pores on my nose. (Placenta???)

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On Bloodfeast Blondies

haha, "serves 15" aka serves me 15 times.

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On What's the Best Time Your Family Has Ever Trolled You?

@pterodactylish ask not for whom the bell trolls; it trolls for thee.

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