On The Very First Hairpin Q&A

@Alexandra Molotkow I actually drive every day, but the anxiety level is a sliding scale: like the grocery store is no big deal, until it's icy out and I live in a neighborhood with hills and assholes who do not know how to drive up an icy hill at which point I don't know what scares me more: losing control of my car or them losing control of theirs.

Also, driving to a place I've never been or only have been once? I have a horrible sense of direction and it quadruples under driving anxiety.

@LilyB OMG the bridges thing. YES I HAVE THAT NIGHTMARE TOO.

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On The Very First Hairpin Q&A

Driving. Or to be more specific, to be driving and be hit/jackknifed by another car and left to die in twisted bits of metal. It's a scenario that plays through my head once a week, and never fails to make me blotchy and upset.

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On The Single Woman Need Not Be Eternally Panic-Stricken: An Interview With Sara Eckel

@chickpeas akimbo OMG are you me? I do get more of the occasional single-shaming, but only from relatives I see about once a year so it's tolerable.

What has been weirder for me is the bunch of work friends who know better than to press on about my single status and instead are, like, really invested in celebrating it? As in "you're so lucky, I wish I was single, my husband/boyfriend/significant other is a pain in the ass and I wish I was alone!" Which... I can't tell if they want me to agree with them or not. (I usually choose not to respond as I'm pretty sure it's a trap either way.) Because yeah, I don't have to put up with the shit of dealing with someone not buying toilet paper, but also: that is not getting done unless I do it, and if its not bought, well, there's only myself to blame.

Anyway, hurrah for considering possibilities!

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On The Real Fantasy of Downton Abbey

@adorable-eggplant YES OMG YES. The dress porn in that is so ridic off the hook - you can tell those costumers were are mega serious at their craft. Ditto for their music supervisors. Season 2 can't come out fast enough, what with YouTube teasing with "Let's Misbehave" - my heart couldn't squee louder. :) Why that hasn't made it on PBS in the states boggles my mind.

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On No Future: The Sing-Off and the Art of A Cappella

OMG, I love love love the Sing Off! I got turned on to it by my love of everything Ben Folds but stayed because goddamn it was entertaining. Shawn Stockman and Ben Folds are really amazing judges - given the proliferation of singing contests on tv, you'd think that caliber of critique would be easy to find, and yet nope.

I always feel badly for the doo-wop group of the season, because you can tell they have a real love for the music and that's what kept them in the game for so long; they are unoriginal and kinda boring television, but those gentlemen are always classy, soulful dudes that remind me that humanity is worth saving. (It's also really refreshing to have someone compete in one of these shows that isn't, like, 12, and can take their life experiences to bear on their musicality.) The all white college boy groups that they have every season make me cringe every time. (Oh AcoUstiKats, with your weird spelling and one black friend, you are trying too hard. Stop. Please.)

I think a group like Pentatonix will always be around - not Beyoncé level famous - but you can't deny the talent, the quality of the musicianship. No one writes choral music anymore; a capella music will always be covers. And covers are only successful when they distinguish themselves from the original- bringing out different flavors - and Pentatonix, aside from having the voice talent, knows how to arrange a song to play to its and their own strengths. They were the standout because they are deliberately innovative; some of the other groups (Ten, love ya!) do amazing things vocally, but have yet to really distinguish themselves from run-of-the-mill cover band to being a force that will take music to the next level.

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On A Controversial Graphic Design Project for the Homeless

@fondue with cheddar With the beard and the little bit of yellow at the collar of his jacket, the man in the photo does kinda look like the Gorton fisherman. Just hanging out in the street, looking for human kindness before he gets back on his boat.

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On A Controversial Graphic Design Project for the Homeless

@iceberg Another graphic designer chiming in to say this squicks me majorly. I mean, I'm all for helping the homeless, and the interviews do exactly what he ostensibly means to: making invisible people visible, showing that they have stories, and come from places and families and aren't just street background.

The signs themselves, which are supposed to be this slap in the face to branding and all feel-good message-y about "really, like, you know, SEEING the problem and shifting the paradigm" (omg the design school flashbacks!) majorly fail that. It's adding more clutter to the issue. It's taking people who don't already self-brand with social media (because they're freaking homeless and have more important immediate priorities than their personal website/blog/vlog) the chance to promote themselves with a glamour sign by the side of the street.

Sorry for the rant, but this whole project just reeks of the privilege of a very specific kind of designer, who talks a lot about social consciousness but doesn't understand much past the social justice of buying organic candy bars at Starbucks. I... am very cranky with my peers today.

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On A Real Argument for Doing That Thing Where You Rub the Chopsticks for No Real Reason

@fondue with cheddar Oh god, Butterscotch Krimpets! I eat them like my grandmom: gently tear the krimpet in two lengthwise, making sure half of the cake is still attached to the icing. Then taking the bottom half, flip over and top the butterscotch with it, effectively making a sandwich.

Then eat with a side of coffee, lamenting that you can't smoke anymore. (Um, that very last bit was just my Grandmom.)

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On Cookie Monster Covers Icona Pop's "I Love It"

I see your Me Want It, and I raise you The Biscotti Kid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6FDts-erVw

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On The Original Catfish

@adorable-eggplant Lol, yeah, I read kinda fast in general, and I was so taken with the sweetness of it, and how Austen-like she framed it (even with the witty asides on the side characters) that I steamed straight through last night. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and apparently Mrs. Cheever was an actual telegraph operator (makes sense) and this book was a best seller for 10 years (!)

How 'bout a Hairpin Productions original webseries like the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? :)

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