On Shame the Children

Maybe she wasn't so much embarrassed by her dad as completely enraged that he felt he had the right to tell her what she should do with her body, how she should feel about her body, how she should allow the opinions of strangers to influence her decisions about her body - and was too inarticulate with anger, or maybe from a vocabulary that's been denied to her her entire life, to tell him to shut the fuck up.

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On Why There's Still No Birth Control Pill for Men

@Megasus Helped along by the increased risk of clotting associated with birth control pills. *sigh*

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On Couples Therapy

@Um, WTF Interrobang Pssssh, I refuse to believe that. I have so many! Some cuter than others, sure, but they've been good and loyal cardigans for lo these many years.

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood @ Jaya Yeah, I refuse to let anyone make me feel bad for liking the things I like because I have faith in my own opinions and I don't give a shit if other people are more interested in their own ideas about what my tastes signify than who I actually am.

I mean, there is definitely a spectrum of quality and just liking something does not mean that it's good, and vice versa, but I think it's really important to understand why you enjoy or dislike something - so often it seems, like @Josh... pointed out, it's a certain type of person (or, I guess, a person with a certain select bunch of signifiers) hating on a certain type of thing just because they ran the numbers and the answer was, "You can't like this because it goes against who you think you are." (Not that I don't love Hatesong, because I absolutely do, but as a general statement on super competitive entertainment wars). But there's no reason I can't discuss Englightenment philosophy and iCarly with an equal amount of knowledge and fervor - sometimes I want something challenging, sometimes I want to give my lizard brain a treat, but I never want to underestimate the intentions and influence of someone's creative output, you know?

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On But Does the Dog Die?

@olivebee Oh, Goddddd, Homeward Bound. I cry if I even think about the part where Chance and Sally make it home but they all think Shadow is dead and then he comes limping over the hill and calls Peter "his boy" annnnnnd now I am crying at my desk. Thank God it's almost 5:00.

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On The American Way of Birth: Pay More

@Scandyhoovian I had a whole thing typed out and lost it when the page refreshed, but suffice it to say, I think there's a fair amount of variation amongst the social conservatives - mixed nuts! - but, at best, they're completely uninterested in acknowledging that their economic policies are a) bad for women as individuals and as a group, and b) are only consistent with their social values in that they're trying to turn the US into a theocracy where obedient Christians get rewarded long before Judgement Day, so anyone who doesn't fall in line is bankrupted if they don't have the ridiculous means to avoid it all entirely.

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On The American Way of Birth: Pay More

@Scandyhoovian Republicans should just make their motto "Life at any cost, literally."

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On Copywriting the Pure Moods CD Commercial

But who would hear "Tubular Bells" without immediately assuming that a possessed adolescent was spidered up in the corner directly behind them?

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On Welcome Home

Ugh, as someone who moved home after college and hasn't been able to move out after 3 years, this is basically a huge punch in the face (in a good way! Well-written! But so many Feels on a Friday morning at a job I hate but can't leave). I know I should be glad that I have somewhere nice to live for free because my parents are really very nice, but I am SO READY to be on my own in every way but money. Why won't someone just give me some money.

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Noooooo, the music is basically the only reason I watch! Well, that and Deacon. And Juliette. And to watch Avery get bitch-slapped by karma. And to study Rayna's hair.

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