On Six-Word Tales: Love and Loss

Pulled out, shot myself in face.
But we both laughed it off.

and then:

Target run trunk-load, front seat breakup.

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On DIY: Fire Flowers

this is officially the most adorable thing I've seen all day. i spent all weekend crafting gifts for the family, and this one will be perfect for my niece!

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On Finance 101: Rainy Day Funds and People "Terrible With Money"

oh my god. that picture. where can I get that damn thing? I must have it. oh god I collect piggy banks this is sad

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On The Magic Trick


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On Rihanna, "Talk That Talk," Featuring Jay-Z

dammmmn i like ths

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On Snow White's Bones

Love this song. No excuses needed for posting good music. There should be a public Hairpin playlist somewhere...

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On Friends: How Many of Us Have How Many of Them?

my drunkest friends have more close friends than anyone I know. Not me, though. I only talk to my rabbit when "important matters" are concerned

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On El-P, "Rush Over Brooklyn"

If El-P would come to the next Hairpin meetup, that would be ... fucking awesome. That way I could freak out El-P w/ my fandom instead of... Tyler Coates ?

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On Addendum to the Modern Meanings of Flowers, Muammar Gadaffi Edition

great title change. crucially funny

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On Poem Has Been Set to Music and Turned Into Short Film

anyone else instantly reminded of that episode of the Take Away Show where Grizzly Bear is hanging out in a bathroom (looking kinda wasted) and singing?

shout-out to the Wilhelm Scream @ 1:35

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