On Polyamory, Hair-Pulling, and Responding to Compliments

@Diana Ooh! I am writing this down. Thanks! (You're the best! *nuzzle*) Gah, I like that.

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On Polyamory, Hair-Pulling, and Responding to Compliments

I'm a little bit disappointed with the first answer! (I was not the querent, but I read A Dude's answer with great interest anyway.) Maybe you gals and germs can help me. My boyfriend of a year-and-three-months STILL does not know what to say to me ever, except for when I feel really ugly. At those unique times, he somehow intuits that I may need reassurance, and he stares at me for a long time and whispers, "You're so pretty." It's so sweet! And what do I do? I stare at him stupidly. Or I do as the querent does: "Thanks??" If I keep being an idiot like this, he might stop believing that I am oh so pretty. Or maybe he doesn't believe it at all! Waaahh! :(

Estrogen Farm.

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On The New Summer's Eve Commercials

@atipofthehat I love you? I love you.

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On Job Opportunities, Older Professors, and Angel Hair Pasta

Ewww, I just read the WHOLE COMMENT THREAD.

Aside: I actually know the Dude in the public domain photograph up top, I think, and he would give way better advice.

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On Your Personality, as Determined by Your Favorite 1980s Musical


In fact, I am coincidentally in my girlhood room *at this moment*, 1300 miles from home, and I think I might know where I left that book! Eep! I'm going to look for it right now!

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

@DrFeelGood I too had a Molly doll BECAUSE SHE WAS FROM MY MOM'S ERA. *And* I thought the other girls (apart from Felicity!) were really cold and aloof. I decided, as a kid, that I really just liked that one author better. (I remember her name without looking it up! Valerie Tripp wrote those books!)

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On Ask a Clean Person: Stovetops, Used Bike Shorts (Yup!), and Yellowing Sheets


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On The Speedy, the Curious, and the Bad in Bed

@fancypants This was the case with me and Future Mister Jennatar. He brought it up, too, although in his case he phrased it in the reverse: "I'm scared to sleep with you sober." Ooo-kaaay. (P.S. Best lovin' of my life)

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On Do This No. 3: Help a Grieving Friend

The advice here and in the comments is so, so good. The bereaved don't know, in the moment, what to ask for. When my family was in crisis, I loved it when a local family friend would drop by even with drive-thru grease-burgers or Starbucks coffee -- it relieved me of the effort of doing one more thing.

As an aside -- and this might not be a problem in your childhood's hometown, but it is in mine -- lay off the Religious speech. "God's will," His "mysterious ways," a "better place," and especially "rejoice" and "take comfort" are, ugh, just the Worst.

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On Terrible Pick-Up Lines

Um, FUCK THAT GUY. We all know what Iowa is. (Congratulations on your hoity-toity education, also, and FUCK THAT GUY.)

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