On Get This Look: The Sunday Comics

@iceberg I hated Dennis the Menace as a child, especially in the live action movies. I was a shy, super anxious kid and he seemed like the type to get me in trouble or be a bully. GO AWAY DENNIS.

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On The Year Is 2013

@darthita Yes, Howie. Boom. 10-year-old me is vindicated 100 times over every time adult me sees a photo of him. Who is the one with weird taste now, former 5th grade friends?

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On Women Rationalizing Alone With Yogurt

You never really know fear, or know how to recognize it in another's eyes, until you've nearly shit your pants in public from too much yogurt.

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On Sacred Socks

This was really wonderful to read. Thank you.

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On Is Your Voice Ruining Your Life?

@bessmarvin I have the same issue. According to everyone, my mother, sister and I sound exactly alike, so I have a very good idea of what I sound like aside from recordings. I actually love it when Im sick and my voice drops a bit and gets creaky.

I try to speak more loudly but have to be conscious of it all the time, and it doesn't help the pitch.

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On Is Your Voice Ruining Your Life?

@Emby Oooh my fav DC metro conductor does a creepy, leering voice frequently, I also believe on purpose. He uses it to great effect when telling people to let others off, avoid walking along the platform, etc.

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On When to Tell Someone They Might Be Gross

@Shara Blah. Is he using straight vinegar every time? Maybe you could make him a "gift" shampoo of diluted vinegar and water mix and maybe some essential oil? Or Dr. Bronner's?

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On Breaking News Round-Up

@fabel I agree. I even Googled to see similar dress patterns, and from what I can tell, it's probably fine and doesn't look very wedding dress like. I don't think there is a rule against wearing white to rehearsal dinners as a guest, but I guess it could be touchy.

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On The Dropped-Ball Generation

@Slapfight Completely anecdotal, of course, but trying to get a credit card at 24 with a salaried job (low salary, but nonetheless) and rental history was a pain in the ass, so possibly? I had to apply twice to get the baby credit card and only just got a real one after a year of using that.

The woes of a responsible, cautious Millennial!

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On Breaking News Round-Up

@iceberg I don't see it at all but kudos on Buzzfeed, et al for finding the shit-stirring-est blog topic of all time. Every other "DOES OBAMA LOOK LIKE BLACK SATAN?" post I've seen besides this one has brought out the craziest representatives of all political and religious affiliations I have ever seen.

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