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have you seen mileys new video
holyyyys hit
get thee to a screen

Britneys of the Plain: Cormac McCarthy Describes the Video for "Work Bitch"

Head west and drive south towards the Gulf of California and leave the highway and keep driving towards the flattest expanse. Here is the land you seek. Sand lays thick on the desert plain, a layer of rust extending to the horizon. The only hint of border is a distant mountain range. This is the desert where those birthed at the shift of the century have come to give into their thirst. Very few made it out of the ‘90s and into the 21st century alive with their integrity, hits, and full head of hair, in tact. It is said that nothing can survive out here. Except for one thing. READ MORE

No Country for Old Miley: Cormac McCarthy Describes the Video for "Wrecking Ball"

A face emerges from the blackness, white skin against an even whiter wall. READ MORE

No Country For Old Miley: Cormac McCarthy Describes the Video for “We Can’t Stop”

This is the west. The west of the San Fernando Valley. This is Encino, an old Chumash word roughly translated to "she’s just being Miley." It's a land of vertical blinds, shag carpeting, and that unrelenting desert of adolescence. The sky meets land and doesn't ask us why but asks why the eff not. Then the sky does a line of cocaine off a toilet. The kids here live in the pre-dawn hours and party until the sky transforms into an endless plane lit by shades of fire made more vibrant by the vision of the pill they call molly. READ MORE

A Guide to Coachella FOMO

It's finally here! Coachella FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) week. The time between the two Coachella weekends when all of the people you follow on Twitter and Instagram are in Indio, getting their face painted, chugging Pabst, and hooking up with people who are friends with that guy you know from internet, all portrayed in the sweet, sweet glow of filters. And you have to suffer from the fear of missing out on desert sunsets and lots of bare thighs. READ MORE