On What I've Been Up To

@nina! There is no such thing as too much Elementary.

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On The First Response Pie

I hope someone is still checking this out but I am having the OPPOSITE problem? I have had my period for over a week and a half now and it never lasted beyond 5 days before that. I am on NuvaRing also and the ring is in, plus there is a true 0% chance of being pregnant(waaah no sex), if that clarifies anything. How long should I wait until taking this to a doctor? I am gonna post this in the FOT also...

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On Ask Baba Yaga: I'm In the Midst of a Very Stressful Program in a New Career Field

Babaaaaaaaaa <3

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On Two Perfect Poems by a Third-Grader Named Darius

I cannot express how much I love these. Thanks so much for sharing, Jia!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Emby You are a genius. I can only hope someone thinks of me as "the taco station" of their sex life....

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On Friday Open Thread

Hands up who else misses their mama/preferred parental-type figure like WHOA?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Quinn A@twitter Definitely with high-waisted jeans for a sorta rockabilly vixen vibe, definitely over a longer tank as well. How do you feel about dresses and skirts? I imagine it would look cute with a pencil skirt or over a little black dress. Or over a button-down shirt, with the collar showing over the top!

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On Friday Open Thread

@bessmarvin There is no "right" way to do a breakup, but this guy is basically being a HUGE JUICEBOX. He knows how to push your buttons and is doing so gleefully, precisely so you will think you're crazy. My advice, as hard as it sounds, is COLD TURKEY. Seriously cold, like frozen. Block him from any social media so you can't stalk him and every time you want to call him, pick a thing to do instead--chew some gum, text your friend or mom, 5 situps, etc. Whatever kind of small, easy thing you want instead.

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On Friday Open Thread

@MrsTeacherFace Well that is just the cutest dang thing I have ever seen!!!

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On 14 Middle Animorphs Walk Into a Bar


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