On Seven Irish Women You Should Know

@Q My namesake! Between Grace and Maeve, I feel fully entitled to going around starting fights and stealing bulls.

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On Seven Irish Women You Should Know

As a descendant of the great Grainne/Grace, I have endeavoured to carry on her pirating ways to the best of my best abilities. I will finish your beer while you're in the bathroom and send you to buy another. I'll put the salt shaker on the table in someone else's purse and cry thief. It goes on, but I believe Grace would nod in approval. Slainte, bitches!

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On Lorde's 30-Minute Letterman Set

I saw her in Brooklyn and she was amazing. All I could think of was "Stevie Nicks!". She's witchy and intense and otherworldly. It's really hard to grasp her young age when you experience her stage presence and ultra coolness. Even the men in the audience were whispering "she's only 16?!" And not in a creepy way either. Her shows will be really amazing when she gets a bigger tour backing set up. She's tiny, but can definitely hold her own in a bigger venue.

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On "What's the Worst Thing That's Woken You Up in the Dead of Night?"

@Vera Knoop Yeah, I scrolled down here to finally find a gunshot comment. Bugs don't bother me, but I've laid awake all night in "East Williamsburg"(Bushwick before it was cool) Brooklyn after hearing gunshots nearby...

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On "What's the Worst Thing That's Woken You Up in the Dead of Night?"

@pennylaner Called a friend?! How about call the cops! Gah...

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On "It Was There, and It Was Gone"

I love this woman. "I know EXACTLY what happened here!"

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On "Holiday Architecture"

Oh man, this is what I was looking for today. I've been down a vacation home real estate rabbit hole all week. I drove Big Sur on Sunday and the houses blew my mind. I went back and forth between "I want to be friends the people who live in these houses!" to "I hate these people!" to "Maybe they live here because they don't want to be my friend!?" I've now spent five days trying to Google this one amazing glass house/cottage hanging off a rock. I think it's Partington Cove, but I can't be sure... help from anyone appreciated...

Oh, and if you want some nasty real estate switcheroo shenanigans, look up the Alan Funt story with Bixby Ranch in Big Sur. I was told this house I'm hunting down was his (it's not), but wahoo, dirty dealing...real estate developers are the worst kind of humans... taking a deep breath now...

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On I Live in a Clock

@parallel-lines It's merely the finest furniture money can rent to stage an $18mm apartment. That place has been vacant for years as they try to unload it.

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On The Oscars

@v=ir That lady is Dame Shirley Bassey. That's her song. I was also really happy to see Adele finally, literally, let her hair down. The pinched and dated updo's needed a break. Her hair is gorgous, let it be free!

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On The Oscars

@hands_down @Mingus_Thurber It was incredibly ill-fitting. She said she picked it out three hours before showtime, so I'm figuring it had no tailoring done to it beyond simply being in her size. The darts were too big and loose on her petite chest. The waist needed taken just a bit, so it basically just made her look like a shapeless Barbie doll. Meow, I know, but that's what happens with last second decisions, they tend to look like one.

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