On Hypothetical Lady Serial Killers for the Modern Age

I love "There's No Fucking Way You're 5'10"--it is so true.

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On What Would Tami Taylor Do About the Second Special Session in Texas?

Just bought a shirt!

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On But Does the Dog Die?

@C_Webb Aaaand taking True Grit off my Netflix queue. Thank you for the heads up!

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On Stella Walsh, the Intersex Olympian

@themegnapkin I absolutely agree that asking for and publicizing the information was an invasion of her privacy-- it was no one's business what her chromosomes or genitals looked like. But she would have been autopsied anyway given that her death was the result of a criminal act, and therefore an autopsy is required.

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On The Double-Dare You Hot Chickpea Brownies

@Amphora I remove a large majority of them much more easily by dumping the can into a big bowl of cold water and swishing around the chickpeas. Most of the hulls will float to the surface, and you can just scoop them off the top of the water. Do that three or four times, and about 90% of the hulls will be gone.

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On 13 Camp Songs Where Someone Dies

@chnellociraptor Ate a peanut, ate a peanut, ate a peeeeanut last night, last night I ate a peanut, ate a peanut last night. [cut ahead] Died anyway, died anyway, died aaanyway last night. Last night I died anyway, died anyway, last night!"

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On 13 Camp Songs Where Someone Dies

@lobsterhug CTY, nerd camp, for four years!

Also SJ Ranch, a horseback riding camp in CT (I think?) for 2 years before that, and one year of tennis camp somewhere in CT that I hated the first time I did sleep-away.

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On 13 Camp Songs Where Someone Dies

@Bittersweet I remember *loving* that song at camp, and being just young enough to not really "get" the implications o fit. Then I came home singing it, and my older sister was like, "Wow, morbid much?" Oh. Yeah.

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On Yoga Is 104.3 Percent Ruined

Ah, you can sort by column (ascending/descending)! This is great, I am loving playing around with it. And it figures Family Guy would have one of the highest Degrees of Ruin...

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On Cronuts Are Like Donuts Only You Wait in Line For Them

These remind me a little of Fragels, which I think are a strictly Michigan (or even just Ann Arbor area?) thing. It's a cinnamon-raisin bagel deep-fat fried (just like a donut) instead of baked, and then coated in cinnamon and sugar. Freaking awesome, but of course terrible for you.

I've never understood the waiting in long lines at ungodly hours or in terrible weather for food-- in Chicago it was always the popcorn that confounded me. Really? You'll wait for 40 minutes in 15 degree weather for some caramel or greasy/cheesy popcorn?

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