On "Status Update, I'm Sober": An Interview with Paul Johnson Calderon

He also was a giant jerk and blabbed to the press why VP Biden's niece had to seek substance abuse treatment, and his thoughts on whether or not she is still using.

Not a very nice friend!

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On Field Trip!

@Amphora I grew up in a town neighboring Mahwah, and went to preschool in Mahwah itself. At the time I loved the name! It later was supplanted by Ho-Ho-Kus, also nearby, for my favorite NJ town name.

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On Disney Princesses Dressed in the Style of the Year Their Movies Came Out

@squishycat I wondered the exact same thing! I even looked down to see if Rapunzel paired her floral dress with Doc Marten shoes or boots. Which I may or may not have worn in Jasmine's day with such a dress...

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On Shame the Children

@gtrachel I haven't read the article because I'm lazy, but it does say above that he is in Utah, so they could be Mormon. If so, no sleeveless shirts for women is pretty common.

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On 105 Years of Anne of Green Gables Covers

WTF 2013?? Arg! I'm like, "Who is that?" Ugh. Though "This book is supposed to be Anne Of Green Gables NOT Anne Does Green Gables!" is the best Amazon review comment ever (in the Guardian article).

I had the 1982 cover originally and really like it, even though I know it's from the TV miniseries (sacrilege!). Of the rest, I like 2006 the best.

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On "I don’t want her to wear her good nature like a gemstone, her body like an ornament"

@frenz.lo I hate the forced hug thing when I'm visiting with friends. I go to leave, and their children, who I see twice a year at most, are told to hug me. It's not even presented as an option, like "Do you want to give Miss formergr a hug goodbye?" Just an order. I grew up in a physically affectionate family, but I still always hated having to kiss my French more distant family on each cheek since I was pretty shy.

I just don't think it's a good idea to teach children that they have to have physical contact with a grownup on command.

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On The Dark Alley Pie

@Amphora A coworker who worked as a pharm rep in a very sketchy area said this was her go-to as well. Really chirpy, and friendly. She said people left her alone because they thought she was either A) crazy, so not worth hassling, or B) a social worker, so still not worth engaging because you risked getting a lecture or talked into going in for services. So in addition to tall males without gang affiliations, it seems to work for petite blond women as well!

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On The Burglar Wore a Straw Fedora: An Illustrated Guide to My Missing Stuff

@Jen@twitter I once had a guy I was not-quite-dating who was a cop come to my ground-floor window late one night while he was on shift because he wanted to see me but didn't want to wake my roommate (pre-cell phone days). There is nothing scarier than waking up to a face at your window!!

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On The Burglar Wore a Straw Fedora: An Illustrated Guide to My Missing Stuff

@Jen@twitter Do you have or can you get those little locks that can be installed on windows so they only open like 6-8 inches (i.e. too small for a body to get in)? I have them and they make me much more confident.

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On The Burglar Wore a Straw Fedora: An Illustrated Guide to My Missing Stuff

@ragazza Yup, in college a dude came into my (unlocked) dorm room late one night pretending to look for my roommate. While he was talking to me he was clearly eyeing my wallet. I just wanted him the hell out of there.

After what seemed like an eternity of wondering if I was going to be raped or whatever (but was probably like 2 minutes), he grabbed the wallet and bolted. Somehow my pure relief and surpressed fear translated into the biggest rush of adrenaline I've ever had, and I chased him down the hall screaming "Give me back my wallet!!" Luckily he was about 6'7", so ran a hell of a lot faster than me and I didn't catch him (still not sure what I would have tried to do??).

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