On The Returned Is the Best Show on Television

@j-i-a Wait but. SO one of the shows I heard about is one called The Returned, but it's based in China/Inner Mongolia, with a similar premise, but not based on the show. Does this mean there are two more Returneds in progress???noooo

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On The Returned Is the Best Show on Television

@lizclaire oh my jesus Lena's and Camille's untamed hair is the reason I decided to grow my hair out. it is just so...UNTAMED.

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On Is Enya Feminist Enough?

Thia is the best thing I've read on the Hairpin in a long-ass time.

Also, Enya can do whatever she wants. I forget she is a human and not an ANGEL OF THE ELVES.

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On Teenage Girls, as Imagined By an 8-Year-Old in 1991

This reminds me of the recent "yearbook" I came across that I must have come by in the eighth grade but it was alllll about how I wanted to make out with my classmate Charlie, and "do it" with Dean Cain. I mean sure why not.

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On Teenage Girls, as Imagined By an 8-Year-Old in 1991

@BosomBuddy Oh man as soon as I saw the cleavage I went straight to the comments because ALL my drawings had ladies with rill cleeavage and bare midriffs and shoped at contempo casuals and express. They also wore big earrings and if they happened to be drawn in certain books, they might also have featured very arge penis representations. Just sayin.

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On The True Cost of "Santa Baby"

@ clara morena yeah, I do enjoy the song, and as much as I am a feminist to the core, I would really appreciate having a sugar daddy of this calibre on the side.

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On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With the Fug Girls

I love GFY! I have been reading since before they went over to Typepad and they introduced me to the concept of internet time-suck. Not going to lie though, I really enjoyed the slightly meaner content. I was much younger at the time, and it totally makes sense to grow up and reach a wider audience, but man. It was hilarious because it was exactly the kind of thing you'd talk about on the couch with your bf. Either way, well done FugGirls!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Oliver St. John Mollusc soooo, this is awesome. I just went to visit my beloved college professor last week and it was so validating and lovely to catch up. I was 19-21 when I took his classes and he was a wonderful professor but holy. SHIT. I was also in love with him (and he was like 56 at the time. I went to a women's college, I couldn't help it. Don't worry it wasn't creepy and the love was unrequited in that way). Anyway, he said something along the same lines as your guy, about how he had thought of me over the years and appreciated my enthusiasm and now my ghost is writing this because HotDoom's heart swelled and burst with professorly-love and joy at that moment. BASK IN IT!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Gulf of Finland hahaha these are great. I feel like this is more my own pet peeve, but it still grosses me out that my partner does not brush his teeth for like, ever, after he wakes up in the morning and his breath stinks after cereal and a cup of tea, but I also have some actual OCD about brushing my own teeth, so. He also does not floss his teeth, ever, and that makes me want to die a little bit.

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On When I Die, Bury Me With Several Carefully Embalmed Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

@Hot Doom oh and tacos. send aaaallllllllll dem tacos to my grave, pls.

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