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@Mackenzie Kelly@facebook Hello-- I saw your comment and wanted to tell you about freeze-drying. I swear, i'm not stalking this thread! I was just showing a friend the post and saw there were comments. Anyhoo, freeze-drying: Have you ever had Astronaut Ice Cream (it's delicious!) or freeze-dried fruit? Well, if you can eat something freeze-dried, so can pests. Freeze-drying removes all moisture from the specimen and is a quick way of 'preserving' them, but in now way makes up for the removal of all fat, flesh, muscle and then the tanning of the skin. In a perfect, temperature controlled, low-light condition it would work fine for a time and can certainly give you quick results, however any re-introduction of moisture or exposure to pests and you can kiss your piece of taxidermy goodbye. Over time (and this is how we have to look at it at the museum) the specimen is at risk. I know there are taxidermists out there using this technique but I'm guessing they're using it mostly for small pieces that they can transfer to a freezer or treat quickly should a pest situation pop up. I did look into this technique a bit in the past, but ultimately felt that I wanted to stick with more manual, but long-term techniques. I hope this answers some questions and thanks for reading :)

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If this piece is indicative of what the next era of The Hairpin is going to be like then THAT IS AMAZING.

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I will probably never, ever do or buy taxidermy, but my life is ever so slightly richer for having read this conversation with someone who does. Thanks.

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I hear that apple cider donuts have this same effect.

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@idrathernot no bullshit around these parts

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By idrathernot on The White Beauty Myth

(Thanks for getting rid of that awful racism-denial comment! Much appreciated, eds.)

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@frigwiggin There is almost no reference I love more than one to the swallows at Capistrano.

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I haven't skulked around these parts in many a day, but I think I shall return again, like the swallows to Capistrano. Welcome, Haley!

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By Jia Tolentino on Ruth Bader Ginsburg: "I had to be told by my law clerks, what's this Notorious."

@Hot Doom ok i just made this

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@Sister Administrator That's a little harsh, but true. The only reason why I haven't deleted my Facebook is because I like hearing from cousins who live far away. If you're worried about being too popular when people wish you well, why are you on Facebook? Do you just really like getting invites for random Flash-based games?

LW says that clicking "Like" is too time-intensive, but honestly, all these people took at least five seconds to write on her* wall, so what's a few minutes over the course of the following days to thank them?
What I do (and honestly, we all have those people we haven't seen in five years who wish us happy birthday) is just comment on their wall post, or like it, depending on how close I am to the person and whatnot. (What? We all have those people that are in limbo between "don't really need to be friends with" and "have no reason to unfriend.") It takes five seconds to remember something about that person and use it in your thank-you comment, like:
"Thanks! How are your parents these days? I haven't seen them in a while."
"Thanks! Hey were you at the last ____ concert? I'm sad that I missed it."
"Thanks! My sister took me out for birthday drinks at [bar] and you're right, their cocktails are awesome."
"Thanks! Maybe we'll run into each other at comic-con."
It's really not that hard!

*just sticking to female pronouns for simplicity, feel free to replace with any pronouns that are acceptable

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