On Do You Know About Summer Heights High?

I love Chris! I loved We Can Be Heroes but Summer Heights High is a million times better. For about a month whenever my friend Laura and I would walk past each other in the halls of our office we would yell out 'High five for school holidays!'.

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On The Nastiest Hamburger

The adult part of me is disgusted, the five year old part of me wants to eat nothing but tiny DIY candy food :-/

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On Woman's Name Sounds Like Stadium

Oh my god, AUSTRALIA on The Hairpin?! Weeeeeeeee! There's also an AAMI Stadium in Adelaide, though that wouldn't have been as amusing. BTW, AAMI is the name of a health insurer whos catch phrase is 'lucky your with AAMI' which lead me to believe as a child that everyone who worked there was named AAMI.

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On You May Have Read Rachel Sontag's Awesome Memoir About Her Dad

This is like a Nam-flash back for me! I studied in America as a 16 year old and the woman I lived with was like this. She would leave horrible passive-agressive notes, I wasn't allowed to have friends over if she wasn't there, even on my 16th birthday she yelled at me in front of friends because I DARED to open a gift without her in the room. I see her personality in this website. In some ways, this kind of behaviour is worse than being beaten, because it stays with you forever, that gnawing feeling that... maybe they're right? maybe you are terrible and they're just pointing it out? It becomes a part of you and molds your brain to that way of thinking. Oh my gosh, the boxes thing just killed me. I want to read her book but I don't think I could! I just want to give her a hug and say 'it's not you, it's your crazy mo-fo dad!'

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On Yet Another Great Idea for a Book...

For number 3, do they mean the continent or the song? because I would read a book about the song. plus, number 9 sounds like something mariah carey and nick cannon would do together. it would be called... glitter 2: electric boogaloo.

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On Prostitutes and New York

Should I be sad that someone gets paid more to give a hand job than i get paid for two days work? Um. Actually. Probably not.

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On Breathe Rachel

Sorry, I think you missed the most important fact from that article: lady gagas new perfume will smell like semen and blood?! WTF?! Also, funt will now be my go-to swear word.

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On The Best of Sexual Harassment Stock Photography

yes, WHY is number 11 on the phone? maybe... he's a gynaecologist and he's phoning through her results... to... someone. also, if you stand on a desk in a board room you shouldn't be surprised that someone will look up your skirt.

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On Stop Liking That Stuff, It's My Stuff

this mostly happens to me with music, including but not limited to: florence and the machine, matt & kim and sia. when i heard daylight by matt & kimm on a mars bar ad: devastated.

also, when dawson's creek first came out, i was OBSESSED with Pacey (er... Joshua Jackson). All the other girls were in love with Dawson, but I knew better. then all of a sudden... everyone started loving Pacey. I was so angry. i remember yelling out in the change room "I LOVED HIM FIRST! I DID! YOU ALL SAID HE WAS UGLY! BUT I LOVED HIM FIRST!". Ah, youth. p.s. I still love him. hear that diane kruger? I LOVED HIM FIRST!

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