On What's the Best Time Your Family Has Ever Trolled You?

When I was 10, my parents thought it would be a fun 'surprise' to announce that we were moving from our cramped apartment to a real home the night before the move. "SURPRISE PACK UP ALL YOUR BELONGINGS TONIGHT WE ARE LEAVING THIS HOME AND TOWN AND EVERYTHING IN THE MORNING" Instilled a real fear of change, they did.

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On Kanye West is Fucking Real

I have a very hard time discussing Kanye with my friends/peers. It so quickly devolves into subtle racism and I cannot deal. Worse is when it comes from people who haven't listened or considered his work.

I dunno about this round of criticism because I don't care about the Grammy's...there are people who do, and it's recognition, yes, and that's fine. But at some point the criticisms of white establishments (Grammys/oscars/Emmys/whatever) grow tired (for me) and I just wish we could do away with recognizing their relevance and just make something else more relevant. /ramble

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On Deep Thoughts

I went on a friend double-date once. It started out awkwardly, but now we are all besties. Sometime (definitely not all the time) pushing through the awkward works.

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On Looking The Part

YES. I don't have anything more nuanced to say except I feel you. [insert joke about being a wintry mix here]

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On Limericks For Lost Online Dates

LOL, Swiper no swiping!

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On The Battle of the Sexes: An Interview with Angela Washko

This is super interesting, and I definitely had a DUH moment re: getting the women's perspective on those encounters. So simple, and yet not done.

I watched someone turn into a PUA and abandon his lucrative career to pursue it full time, and it's...interesting, but disconcerting. To hear someone relate to neighborhoods or cities based on the type of women is just weird. Most of his friends think it's a phase, and maybe it is, but I wonder how one would even undue that.

Aside, I am interested in the San Diego exhibit but can't find more information. Link?

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On What Happens If You Put Placenta In Your Hair?

@shalalas don a placenta inspired outfit and juggle the pills into your mouth

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On What Happens If You Put Placenta In Your Hair?

definitely need an installment for Placenta Pills.

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On Controversial Opinions Post

@beetnemesis magic underwear, you say? tell me more...

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On All of Mark Ruffalo’s On-Screen Kisses, From Worst to Best


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