On Reading Your Way Through the Stomach Flu

oh god THIS! I got The Sickness on Valentine's Day. From my boyfriend. Worst. Gift. Ever. I do not wish this horrifying stomach-trying-to-leave-your-body-by-any-exit-available on anyone! Perversely, glad to know i wasn't alone. Also, glad we are both better and let us NEVER have this again. Amen.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

i LOVE bargain bin posts and i love it even more that you posted something to inspire me for my hard to shop for BF's upcoming birthday! Hairpin saves the day!

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On Pin Pals

i love the optimism of this project! maybe we will all make new best friends! yep.

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On Coming Clean: Things I've Never Told My Parents

I also got a tattoo when i was 16 (and then again when i was 18...) and told my dad they were fake, duh, like i would ever get a tattoo omg. I actually wore long sleeves every time i visited my parents up until last summer when they finally saw that now I have full sleeves on both arms, my foot, and back/neck tattooed. No hiding it now.

When i was 15 I told my mom my friend Morgan was gay so she would let me stay over at his house. He was totally not gay and we definitely had sex. I also snuck out of the house almost every night throughout high school to sleep with my boyfriend and do drugs, go to bars, etc.

I didn't tell my mom I dropped out of college for a full semester after I stopped going to class.

Making mom and dad proud over here!

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On Beauty School, Crotch Out

love this! I also have a useless Liberal Arts degree and now work in the beauty industry. Awkward? sometimes. Infinitely satisfying? yes. The dynamic of working with all women can sometimes be a cliche nightmare but it's also kind of great too. Hooray for you, Julie! And say what you will about the politics of pubes but Brazillian waxes are where the money's at, from an industry stand point, so bring on the starfish. (That said, I like to have a serious chat before getting started if a client mentions it's solely for their husband, has an emotional break down on the table or it hurts so bad they physically can't handle the experience. Shit just ain't worth it for either of us)

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On Munchausen Watch

i read this on the bus this morning while listening to the Stuff You Should Know podcast about Munchausen's! coincidental!

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