On You're One in Eight Million

Hi all! Meeting grown-up friends is hard, and I've actually had a lot of success meeting friends through online communities just like this one. When I moved to Atlanta I met most of my friends through Jezebel and Hairpin meet ups.

I now live in North Carolina (Raleigh!), and I'm working on putting together a Triangle meet up. So, if you live in the traingle area, I think you should go check out our thread on the Google group and come hang out with us!

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On You're One in Eight Million

@BUtterfieldGR8 AGREED! Go check the Google Groups! I know that this post has inspired several people to post new threads in the group lists.

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On Camp No iPhone

@iceberg Camp Hairpin sounds awesome. Except I'd want it to take place at, like, a fancy lake house with a jacuzzi and a fire pit.

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On Your June 'Pinup Roundup

@sunflowers ME! I DO!! Hooray for Triangle Pinners! I actually put out a call for Triangle Pinners in the Google Group, but I've yet to hear from anyone. But I'd love to make this a thing.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

@I'm Not Rufus No. Thank you. I did the same thing. Just because the means of what people rate on a Likert scale are statistically significant doesn't necessarily mean that there are actually, pragmatic differences in the ways that these people act.

Also, let's not forget the specifics of this sample - 88 undergraduate mixed-sex friendship dyads. College kids at a state school in the Midwest. College is a very sexually charged atmosphere. I suspect that these differences would be significantly smaller if you replicated the study with a community sample of actual adults and not "emerging adults."


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On Run Anyway

Thank you for writing exactly the piece that I needed to read, when even I didn't know how badly I needed to read it.

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On What It's Like to Lose All Your Hair

@Becca FYI: Chick-Fil-A is based in Atlanta, and therefore they own the South. Seriously. The first time that I went to the Midwest, and someone informed me that they didn't have Chick-Fil-A I almost died. WHERE DO YOU PEOPLE GET YOUR CHICKEN NUGGETS?!

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On The Office-Supply Manicure

As a former law firm office manager, just reading this made me nervous for young you!

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On The Office-Supply Manicure

As someone who writes a nail polish blog, I can tell you that this technique is actually pretty awesome and was really trendy for a while. Half-moon manicures (that's what it's called when you leave a bare semi-circle at the bottom) can be really fun! Especially when you mix finishes and do the half moon with a glitter polish while the rest of the nail is done in a creme. Love that.
So, I say all that to say this, don't let the scary acrylic talons of death put you off to the entire concept.

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On Birth Control Not Actually Making You Fat

Oh God. Flashbacks. I was on the Nuvaring (Satan's ring) for one day. ONE FUCKING DAY. Of which, I spent six hour crying non-stop for no discernible reason. When I removed it, everything stopped within half an hour. It was CRAZZZZY!

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