On Friday Open Thread

@klemay It's tough! The first three months after I was diagnosed I had to wear sneakers with orthotics every day... it was rough. I overpronate and I've found that a 1-2" heel actually makes things much better (podiatrist approved!) so I try to find cute flats with a little heel. Lotta from Stockholm makes some cute/supportive clogs, too. Also, things are much easier in winter; I find boots have much better support. ALSO, I have a good pair of supportive shoes I wear around the house so I'm never barefoot, it makes a huge difference. Good luck!

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On Eau de Mosquito

@catfoodandhairnets AH, yes, I get these too. They are horrifying. Apparently this is a thing called Skeeter Syndrome? The reddish spot/bruise/hickeys always seem to appear on my legs during the hot hot weeks of summer where even thinking about pants makes me cry/sweat profusely.

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On You're One in Eight Million

@paddlepickle Me three! I came down here to say the same thing. Except I am also new to NYC and in need of more lady friends!

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On The Secret to Health Is Sleeping Through Everything

@garli Yes, me too! Champion sleeper. My main recommendation is...develop an underactive thyroid? Yup, that's done the trick for me pretty well.

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On Hey, Brother.

@thiscallsforsoap And the gorilla is for sand-racing! Also, this: http://soundcloud.com/ultimateck/the-gorilla-is-for-sand-racing

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On Friday Open Thread

@Sea Ermine Also hypothyroid since I was 10... I can't really speak to the transition from no meds to meds (since it was so long ago), but I can say that the meds are totally non-scary! No side effects, upset stomach, etc. Also, I have done both traditional and non-traditional (desiccated thyroid) meds, so if you have any questions about that, I'd be happy to answer!
EDIT: I would recommend going the traditional route first - don't overwhelm yourself with all the other options out there, unless you need and/or want to!

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On Dental Date

I'm allllmost certain Ugyen runs the healthfood store near me! If so, he is delightful. I have bought him out of elderberry syrup at least two times this winter.

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

I reallllly like the idea of this but generally have two worries:

1 - for ladies who are prone to getting yeast-y (fun times!), does this make things worse/better??

2 - for ladies who get crampy - worse/better??

I have a major love/hate relationship with the pill, for the above reasons.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@Diana This! And generally once one person brings it up, everyone nearby chimes in that they were thinking the same thing, and you have a whole group staring at you saying, "didja know??" and you awkwardly say yes while they're all talking about you.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

I'd say my relationship with my doppelganger (Anne Hathaway) is pretty much summed up by this picture:

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