On Despondent Rescue Goat Ends Hunger Strike When Reunited With Best Friend, Burro Named Jellybean

Animal Place! They are amazing, and they do accept donations. http://animalplace.org/

Also, if you follow them on Facebook you get updates from Panda Bob, a sassy little calf. Seriously, check him out. https://www.facebook.com/animalplace?ref=br_tf

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On Something Quiet, Something Just for You

I first heard about this as a thing a few months ago when Slate did an article on it. I was reading it and went ...HEY I RESEMBLE THIS ARTICLE. Like everyone else, I thought everyone had it--I'm triggered in real life by someone talking to me relatively intently or watching me, so I thought it was just a reaction to being self-conscious. It turns out both my sisters have it as well.

And now, knowing it's a thing and having Youtube out there is SO NICE. I use it to fall asleep regularly (actually, that specific video at the top is ASMR GOLD for me; I love Maria's videos), and I've even had a few really shitty days at work where I'll put headphones on and have a video going in the background for a bit, just so I relax a little.

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

#3, a woman I work with was in a similarly bad bike accident last year--her face was less scraped, but that was because she mostly broke the fall with her jaw (*flailflail*), and as a result she had a bunch of broken/twisted teeth for several weeks as dental work was done in stages. Like, Gollum-style teeth. And she just showed up to work and went about her business, and looked like a TOTAL BADASS.

So yeah, that's my advice--don't stress about covering it up; everyone who notices it will probably have a general idea that you're recovering from an accident, and will think you're a goddamn Valkyrie.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

About five or six years ago a woman at a perfume counter told me I looked like Monica Lewinsky. I think my complete horror showed in my face, because she immediately followed it with "I think she's pretty! I THINK SHE'S PRETTY!"

I look absolutely nothing like her, but an eccentric old guy who came into the library I used to work at told me I was sassy like Barbara Stanwyck. Now that one I'll take.

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