On "I have decided to override her refusal to have a C-section"

What's the difference between having a C-section because it's medically necessary and any other sort of surgical procedure that can occur during an emergency? I absolutely do give a doctor the freedom to do what's medically necessary (though not absolutely everything, of course) to ensure my survival and my child's. The hospital isn't a place for you to pick and choose procedures.

Furthermore, for high-risk pregnancies, doulas and home births are absolutely not appropriate. Not every pregnancy is easy.

As someone who comes from a country and continent where not everybody can get adequate hospital care, especially during childbirth, this baffles me. "Natural" births there are often mandatory, and this is reflected in maternal death rates.

That being said, he could've been far more supportive and had better bedside manner, absolutely. There is a balance that needs to be sought here, but bodily autonomy isn't a black and white issue in a hospital bed. For any gender, by the way.

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On Interview with a Woman Who Recently Discovered She Loves Group Sex

@mirah @mirah Maybe they're trying to keep it from becoming a location for gay men - like a bathhouse, etc? But considering how the other policies could prevent that, it seems to me that it's more about accommodating what straight dudes are comfortable with..

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On Writer Unable to Use Important Words Correctly

Writer Unable to Grasp the Concepts of Metaphor and Hyperbole

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On Hard Out Here for a White Feminist

@klemay This is such a US-centric argument. People worldwide, of all races, listen to hip hop, r&b, and rap, written by black, American artists who make a shit-ton of money off it. Would it have the appeal it does were it not from the US? Intersectionality doesn't end at race. What annoys me the most about these discussions is how Americans completely ignore the worldwide influence they have, but are happy to reap its benefits.

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On Hard Out Here for a White Feminist

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On What Happens When [Partner A] Says 'More' and [Partner B] Says 'No'

@hexamaam I suspect the point isn't that those things are exactly equivalent, but that sex is a socially acceptable outlet for men to give and receive affection. So while it is definitely not the same as having a heart-to-heart with a friend or hugging people you like, it's the closest that's allowed.

I don't agree 100% with the article, btw, but I see some sense in that idea, by itself.

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On Loneliness, Mistakes, and the Inner Questionnaire

@wee_ramekin Yeah, for some reason that shit just got me upset too and I scrolled down to see comments. Something about the rudeness and narcissism of it that really pissed me off. The part where she wonders if he's a "prude" is the worst - no, LW4, the reason people don't like it is because we're not turned on or are otherwise impressed by you and your boyfriend getting it on. Your attraction to each other affects only the two of you, the rest of us don't care. Odds are, we are grossed out. Get a clue.

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