On Hair Care Tips From a Woman Who Can Dangle Herself By Her Ponytail

The two bottles of conditioner per day thing made this no-poo'er cringe.

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On Friday Open Thread

Everyone may have already seen Oppressed Majority; it's made the rounds on Facebook and Buzzfeed and everywhere else. Just thought the Hairpin would be an appropriate place for a discussion. Thoughts?


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On The Heartland Pie

Also, I didn't get the impression of mean spiritedness but kind of like it more now that it's been pointed out. It is the Midwest, after all.

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On The Heartland Pie

100% jeans with rhinestones and flap pockets are considered fashionable.

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On The Rom-Com Pie

The fact that the Hairpin may or may not have a slight obsession with True Detective makes me feel a lot better about my own obsession with True Detective.

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On How to Make a Successful TV Drama

Can we talk about the American version of Les Revenants though?! Like... Just... No. I hate to condemn something before even seeing it, but the previews... UGH NO.

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On March Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

@thefamousboat CAME HERE TO SAY THIS! I love you. Too soon?

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On True Detective Rantings

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have binge-watched all six (so far) episodes of this show and I am utterly obsessed and goshdarnit I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Although Rust Cohle could have a tattoo of a pink dinosaur and I'd still find it mysterious and sexy.

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On Friday Open Thread

@ru_ri Thank you thank you thank you!

I will be studying Classics/Ancient History, which means I'm kind of gambling with my life in terms of future employment, but I'd love love LOVE to be a history professor one day so I'm going for it. I'm still in shock that I actually got in, and I'm alternating between periods of giddy excitement and that "ughhhhhh loannnns" feeling.

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On Friday Open Thread

So... I got accepted to grad school yesterday! AHHHHH!

I haven't even told anyone outside of, like, my mother, because I've come to resent humblebrags even if they're not intentional and also it will require me to sell most of my belongings and move 5000 miles away, so there's a bit of preparation involved and it doesn't feel real yet.

And yeah, a Master's degree... Ehhhh. I've waited three years after undergrad to apply just because I wasn't sure it was a good investment, and I'm still not sure. Is anyone ever sure? All I know is that I can't stay here in bum fuck Egypt working a dead-end job that makes me extremely unhappy and directionless. On one hand, I hate the "do what you love" thing for obvious reasons, but at the same time I would hate myself for not going after my dream job. Even if I fall flat on my face, which very well may happen.

I guess I'm sharing all this on here with you guys because it's been SO long (three years, actually) since I've felt the gentlest tinge of optimism or excitement, being stuck in a job I resent and not being able to find anything better and questioning what it is I'm after, anyway, while also feeling guilty about being unhappy in the first place. I've only been a regular reader for a year-ish, but The Hairpin (and its readers) are kickass and I honestly think that lurking here has helped me gain some confidence to go out there and fucking OWN IT.

I feel like it's also worth noting that when I received the email yesterday while I was at work, for the first time ever I was very glad that my job requires me to work entirely by myself, because I wasn't expecting a response so soon and immediately shouted "HOLY FUCKING SHIT" and bounced up and down like a five year-old for way longer than is socially acceptable.

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