On The 100-Day Ketchup Recipe

My big brother taught me that the best way to get the ketchup out of the glass bottle is to smack it on the glass 57 in the corner.

Most useful thing he's ever done.

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On Antoinette Tuff's 911 Call

@shantasybaby Because it implies that a woman being heroic is not normal, and hence it needs a cutesy name. I don't like it when it's applied to men, either. I've seen some awful things like a male nurse referred to as a "murse", or a male nanny being called a "manny". Don't get me started on "guybrarian". Defining a career by its most dominant gender is degrading to everyone.

I'll stop there before I continue to my usual rant about my blinding hatred of the term "man slut", as these threads probably have a character limit.

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On Antoinette Tuff's 911 Call

Can we never use the word "shero" ever again? Heroism has no gender and I find it belittling to this person's incredible deed.

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On Lord I Lift Your Camp On High

@jenjenboben We sure did! with elbows forcefully pumped to our sides.

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On Ask Baba Yaga: Most Days I Feel Like I'm Choking on Ambivalence

Oh Baba Yaga, you always know exactly what to say to make me feel better.

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On The Books of Our Childhood Summers

@buckachu I was just about to post about Stonewords! YAY! I read that book until it fell apart! Mostly I remember the scene where the not-ghost Zooey (Zooey Louise?) travels through time and peeps on ghost-Zooey's hot ghost dad and admires his beard, and the part where ghost-Zooey shows up and is for some reason ROTTING and her jaw is falling off and its the grossest most wonderful thing ever for a ten year old to read. It was probably the gateway to the Stephen King phase that followed almost immediately after.

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On Lord I Lift Your Camp On High

@Blondsak AWANA!! All I remember is that you got merit patches for memorizing bible verses.

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On Lord I Lift Your Camp On High


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On Project Popsicle

Any love for Helados Mexicos out there? Horchata, quince, pecan, coconut, chocolate with little crunchy chocolate bits? Mexican popsicles rock my world.

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On Judy Blume on Porn, Petting and Life Before the Pill

Toss-up for me between Sally J. Freedman, Blubber and It's Not the End of the World, the latter one I never hear anyone else mention and thus I deem it her most underrated. :( I also have a sneaking suspicion that my school library had banned Margaret, Tiger Eyes and Forever because I never even saw those until way later in a bookstore. Ugh, censorship.

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