Just thought I'd post this because oh may gah! Prom pictures!

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I read this and thought, wow, that's kind of a harsh "funny" (and I do not like it).
Haha, take my wife, please (so much of funny has actually not been funny but cruel, and not even funny cruel, just "let's make fun of others to feel better about ourselves cruel.")

And I thought, maybe I will say something about how that hit me. And then my next thought was, oh, I bet somebody already did, cause that's not the kind of humor that usually flies around here. This isn't hearts and rainbow unicorn-land (ok, actually it kiind of is imo)... and then actually things got a bit nasty there (more so than they usually do!)

And there was definitely NOT uniformity of opinion, but instead a pretty heated conversation with some strong feelings, and good points.

Which is basically why I come to the hairpin. To see smart people (the fact that it's lots o' ladies is just a big 'ol bonus) talk in a civilized manner about things that matter to them, without going all cray cray. Basically kind of the creme de la creme of internet society. (Not the only place, of course, but a pretty awesome one.)

I have given some push-back for the Hairpin going too far off in the "ladies mag" direction, but at the same time I think (forgive me, here) the brand is very strong and very avant garde in a non-solipsistic and non-obscurist way, but actually a very mainstream trend-in-the-making way that is hipsterism in the best way.

Ie. Fat folks are totally accepted and not marginalized or made fun of (because, duh? Why, what's the point? Lame.... Scapegoat much?)

Ann Friedman is obvs a cool lady... and intentionally or not (I think it was just a cheap shot at humor but what do I know about anyone else's mind or even my own half the time, more if you count dreams cause some of those dreams I have are we--ird!!) this was a very provactive conversation to have. Which I like.

But maybe you not so much? If you already knew what everybody would say? Because frankly I heard differing viewpoints that made me think more deeply about the subject matter. Which I really appreciate. I don't have all the answers, even if I sometimes have a strong point of view (and am right, like, 95% of the time... but that still leaves 5% for learning and growth. As much as I know everything, I don't know everything... y'know?)

Just kidding about being right 95% of the time. It's more like 99.5%. Only on Tuesdays, though, for some strange reason. The rest of the week the numbers are likely to be reversed.

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I read that Vanity Fair profile of the Prez, and they were playing basketball together, and Obama really required that people play their hardest (and not hold back) even though he's the prez, and was not the best player, but was playing with people who are far better basketball players than he. That's the difference, I think. A so-called "Alpha" will want to dominate, and would prefer (or even require) that people not outshine them, in any arena. They always have to be "the best one" even if it's phony or at the expense of other people's talents reaching their true potential. An alpha is threatened by anyone who is better than they are, or who might be.

At least, that's one way of viewing a kind of weird concept.

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