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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy hahaha I love that SNL skit. My all-time favorite Peyton bit is this one. Besides being (IMO) the best QB since Marino, the man has pretty awesome comic timing. I can't even fault him for taking every endorsement that comes his way, because I find him so entertaining.

After last year, I was pretty sure it was time for him to hang it up, but I'm happy to watch him kick ass for as long as he's still got it. So long as he's not playing the Niners.

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On Friday Open Thread

@katiemcgillicuddy Allthough I'll be a Niners fan till I die, I have been a big fan of Peyton since he was at Tennessee, and I was super-excited for the game last night. Alas, I was feeling awful and migrane-y so I went to bed at halftime. Imagine my surprise when I looked up the score this morning. To make it worse, my DVR went bonkers last night, so I have had to make do with the highlights on NBC's website. Waaah.

Also, thanks for the link to the Pick Em. Super-excited.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Mariajoseh Ooof. Well, for what it's worth, I also like the Clinique one but it's about twice as expensive as the Skin 79 one.

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On Friday Open Thread

@supernovice @Mariajoseh Maybe you should try the Korean BB creams--they're roughly as expensive as the drugstore ones, and they're much better than even the high-end american ones I've tried. I got this sample set and discovered that the pink one is the best for my (very light olive) skin. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to try BB creams do the same.

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On "Where You Lunch Has to Be On Brand With Your Brand": Match the NYT Quote With the Salad!

@frigwiggin you're not the only one. I've been known to dig my fingers into my palms to the point where they bleed in order to keep from yelling at people who feel the need to cast aspersions on other people's plates.

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On Deep Thoughts I Had While Watching the One Direction Documentary

Blue Sweater: you need to support that puppy's bottom or he's gonna fall out of your arms!

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On The Online Dating Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

@j-i-a I don't understand this. You wish you would have come of age during the most destructive war to date? Do you have a death wish?

I'm sure it has more to do with zoot suits or swing music or vargas girls, but MAN.

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@squid v. whale @adorable-eggplant Thanks. This was about 5 years ago, and I've moved on. I just tell this story because it was horrible that these things happened, and I think it goes to show how common bicycle accidents are. In Tucson, they have "ghost bike" memorials for car/bike accidents. They are all over the University area and downtown. I always wondered about how many of them were wearing a helmet.

Really, it's just frustrating that both of these people (and so many others) died for lack of a simple, preventative measure.

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On Friday Open Thread

@jazzloon Mr. Delperro and I have been re-training his adult cats not to destroy the furniture. Therefore allow me to give you some advice: you have to make the things you want not to be scratched unappealing, and put appealing things to scratch around these things.

We got a new sofa this spring, after our cats had thoroughly shredded the old one. This is how we have (so far) stopped our cats from destroying it:
we put clear thin pvc on the corners of the arms, covered it in no-scratch spray and then put out cardboard cat beds which we covered in Catnip Spray. They love having those little beds. They have a place they can mark up that's totally theirs, and they don't have to fight with us/the dog for their little territory. Now they nap on the couch when it's sunny and cuddle with us on it, but they don't scratch it.

So, with your curtains, I would ask: what do they cats like about them? Do the cats bat the curtains when flutter in the wind? Try weighting the curtains down. Do the cats try to climb them? Tell your roommate he/she needs to invest in a cat condo so that the cats have a safe place to climb (I would say do it yourself, but they can get spendy, and I wouldn't want to drop that kind of money on someone else's pet). Do they just need something to scratch? Use my system from above. Good luck!

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@Judith Slutler when I left last year, adults in Münster were starting to wear them. Be part of the Safety vanguard!
(Despite the beautiful bike lanes, and the ADAC-enforced cycling school that all primary school kids go through in Germany, AND the constant traffic tickets for bike riders, people die upsettingly frequently in bike-car crashes in Germany as well. I know this because one of my cousins works for ADAC, and I got a lecture about it)

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