On Who's the Most Important Person in Your Life?

@peppercornelius I think this might be right. I'm 27 and have been on gchat constantly for basically the last 5 years. But my 25 year old sister has never once used it, even though she has gmail, and I never hear her friends talking about it either.

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On Sisters, Ranked

@alia Hey! To each his/her own! I'm all for sibling love (have 2 sisters myself) but calling it a "disservice" to give birth to an only child is pretty insulting.

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On Ask a Fancy Person: First Parties, Working for Free, and What to Do When Your Gym Is Crawling with Children

@Sunny P@twitter Locker room! I think locker room is way way way more appropriate than steam room. I see people eating bananas and stuff in the locker room at my gym and it seems normal.

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On Songs That Belong in Erectile Dysfunction Medication Commercials

"She has never had a boner." LOL! This is great.

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On Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Get Over the Fear That This One Physical Feature Makes Me Look Grotesque?

I once heard someone say, about how pictures of herself always came out awful, "I'm better in 3-D." I loved that (and this).

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On Baby-Sitters Club for the Modern Woman

Hahahaha!! This is terrific.

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On 10 Things I Learned From Editing Obituaries for Two Years

Obits are one of the first things I read in my alumni magazine, too. I never thought about who writes them. Thanks for the food for thought.

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On Pocket Horror


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On America Is Losing at Coffee

@harebell I am curious about this too! I drink coffee in the mornings/early afternoon out of routine but never feel like it actually "wakes me up" or anything

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