On My Case With Accutane

I get sick of all the accutane ambulance chasers. I took accutane twice and at least for a couple years after, my skin was much improved. I will say that it has kind of come back and that was a disapointment, I don't think I'll do a third run as I dislike all the blood tests and also hated Ipledge. I also have many friends who have taken it with no problems. Yes, any drug you take comes with risks. New research even says benzoyle peroxide has problems. Taking too much Tylenol or too many vitamins will even do something to you. So we should just all freak out and blame our problems on tylenol and st johns wart too!!!,!

Interestingly, they've never proven that accutane actually causes depression in any clinical trials (paid for by the congressman you mention above, by the way, so pretty surprising thinking about all that bias!). Not sure about the ulcerative colitis etc, but still just sounds like a bunch of deplorable ambulance chasers to me.

Posted on February 16, 2013 at 6:32 pm 0